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That’s right… a healthy chocolate ice cream!  And it was an accident too… I was originally trying to make truffles, but the chocolate mixture never firmed up properly. At least I got something else out of the attempt   Truffles are naturally made with only 2 ingredients: chocolate and heavy cream. I wanted to omit the […]


OH NO!  I just went through 3 peanut butter jars!  Don’t worry though… it was for a good cause 😉 Soft, peanutty, chewy oatmeal cookies! As I was looking for a healthy oatmeal raisin cookie recipe, I was totally disheartened… it’s impossible to find a healthy recipe that looks, feels and tastes exactly like the original […]


Just a few nights ago, my family and I went to an Indian restaurant — I probably haven’t gone to one in over a year because Indian cuisine barely exists where I go to school — and it brought back so many memories! I used to look forward to going to Indian restaurants because I always […]


Many of you probably know how challenging it is to get kids to eat their veggies, right?  Well, with some adults, it can be just as difficult.  Someone very close to me–aka, my dad!–has despised veggies for the majority of his life (he even refuses to drink my green monsters because of their green color) Old habits […]


Healthy Pound Cake?!? Yes! And healthy icing? Yes!!! I don’t think there is one baker out there who answered those two questions like I just did.  I mean, a healthy poundcake?!? I think this is a day that history books need to include! If you have ever read my Banana Bread post or the About page, then you […]


Who else doesn’t like butter? (please, raise your hand!) Unfortunately, with baking, the ingredient is seen so often–from cookies to cakes, and truffles to frostings. So, what can be used as a healthy substitute for butter? Avocados! They are moist, “buttery,” and best of all, healthy.  Avocados help lower your cholesterol, protect against cancer, and […]