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For the past week and a half, I’ve had a bagel for breakfast.  But not just any bagel, a 100% whole wheat bagel, smothered in natural peanut butter (with no sugar, salt or oil added).  I paired the peanut butter with honey but ran out after a couple days and replaced it with pure maple […]


Aug 30

Green Monster #5

Oh my goodness!  I have been so busy with school that I have completely neglected poor Chockohlawtay  Well, not completely.  I have been testing out (quite a few) recipes so far this school year–no, I’m not the typical college student who parties every weekend!  I’d rather make some yummy goodies for my dorm roomies and […]


Aug 20

Coffee Creamer #1

Never once in my life, have I ever looked forward to school.  I was the type of student who would always leave their homework on the desk and papers on the printer.  I never remembered the test dates and didn’t even attempt studying.  I was the type of girl who doodled on their empty notebooks and […]


If I were forced to choose the tastiest food combination ever–one more flavorful than apples + cinnamon, one more tempting than chocolate + caramel, and one more lip-smacking than peanut butter + jelly…  it would have to be coconut + chocolate! FATE:  the reason why these Coconut Krispy Treats came to be Coconut… and Dark Chocolate You can’t […]


I’m pretty sure the words that popped into your head didn’t include:  moist, flavorful, enticing… now did they?  Well… they will now! In honor of my grandfather visiting to see me go off to my sophomore year of college, I made these bran muffins for him! I could sense that the store-bought bran muffins weren’t pleasurable to […]


Rice Krispies…   *snap, crackle, pop* Too bad that Rice Krispies are full of salt and sugar, not to mention, high glycemic.  But if you are like me and love Rice Krispies, then the brown rice version is a godsend! ^^ They taste like the real thing, too! If you eat this instead of Rice Krispies, you […]