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When I was a kid and lay in bed at night, unable to sleep, I always wondered who else was awake like me.  Did they wonder the same thing, or was I alone?  Was someone across the world thinking about how I was still awake as they went about their day? That’s actually what I […]


I have never really been one for dried figs, dates, apricots, etc (hence the thick fondant layer), but for some reason I bought a bag of dried figs at the grocery store on impulse  (I really do hate impulse buys!).  I didn’t want to waste the figs so I knew I had to make something […]


After completely failing at making a Healthy S’mores Pie just last Friday, I had to redeem myself and make a real one!  This time around, I got the firm and decadent chocolate filling I was looking for and an actual marshmallow fluff topping…  yes, I remembered to buy the eggs in advance…   *sighs* Just look at […]


I didn’t know it was possible for so many things to go wrong in one recipe.  And I didn’t know it was possible for the end result to actually taste good! Let’s start with the “graham cracker” crust… I was originally supposed to use vanilla protein powder, but I ran out and had to make an on-the-spot […]


Healthy Graham Cracker Fudge has invaded my cookie jar dorm room! They have also invaded my fridge, but I welcome such invasions  😉 Remember how I had some crust leftover from my Key Lime Pie?  Well, that was one delicious crust and it made for some great snacking — so moist and packed with flavor — too bad […]


I’ve been trying to step away from Clif bars lately, as they are very high in sugar and not much else, and started buying the Clif Builders bars instead.  Although the Builders bars are still high in sugar, they have lower levels than the regular Clif, and are low glycemic and a lot more filling.  They […]