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I think we can just skim passed the time in my life where I went crazy for condensed milk.  Like, to the point where I would spread it on my morning toast… and everything else.  Hey, I was young and it was pure sugar! Thank goodness I grew out of the habit (aka, I discovered peanut […]


When it comes to liking Carrot Cake, nobody is really “on the fence” if you know what I mean. You either love it or you hate it. To tell you the truth, I’ve always hated it.  The carrots always tasted raw to me, they were crunchy and its flavor was much too potent.  Whenever I […]


When I was in high school I went vegan for about a year.  I loved how it was a challenge and surprisingly, I loved tofu (strange, right?).  The most memorable moment for me during that year was going to Barnes & Noble to buy some vegan cookbooks.  My favorite cookbook at the time was Vegan […]


I’ve been trying to make a cheesecake for…  well, let’s just say, too long!  Every cheesecake I’ve made in the past was quite the failure.  The first was not cooked all the way through, plus, it wasn’t flavorful at all.  The second didn’t have the proper texture (it was a little too dense) and didn’t […]


But I’m still on vacation! Excuses, excuses, I have too many.  One of my resolutions for the new year is to cut down (or maybe eliminate?) my added-sugar intake.  Even though my old Hersheys chocolate addiction has been cured, I found myself resorting to similar foods near the end of 2011…  I guess due to […]


I expected to return home right after the fall semester ended, but my family surprised me with a vacation in the Caribbean followed by a long stay at a ski resort in Canada.  It was a lovely surprise!  I got a nice tan and spent quality time with my family — two things I haven’t […]