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Chomp. Chewy.  Gooey.  Messy.  Rich.  Satisfying.  Chocolatey. That’s what these Nanaimo Bars are. I am from Canada (born and raised), but I have never actually eaten a Nanaimo Bar before these.  Supposedly they are a Canadian classic, but that’s news to me!  Before moving to the United States (and discovering FoodGawker), I had never even […]


As a kid, I was always a fan of milk chocolate.  When I went trick-or-treating on Halloween, candies containing dark chocolate were the first things I’d give away to the other kids, especially the York Peppermint Patties!  I traded them for my preferred sweets, like Hershey’s bars, Snickers, M&Ms and Twix.  Milk chocolate is softer, sweeter, and […]


Today is a good day. No matter what happens, today is a good day! Even if you  pressed the sleep button eight times  forgot to set your alarm … or forgot to brush your  teeth  hair … or forgot to put on your  underwear  socks before leaving the house …   Today is a good […]


I proclaim these Healthy Buckeye Balls to be guilt-free…  Yup!  You heard it. No powdered sugar. No partially-hydrogenated peanut butter. No sugar-coma-inducing milk chocolate. But instead: Natural protein powder. Wholesome peanut butter. Antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. Although they taste like it, these are nothing like any ol’ regular Buckeye Balls, for those are calorie bombs.  Mine, oh, […]


I never told anyone this, but last week I bought a coconut from the grocery store.  Well, I told people that part, but what I didn’t tell them was that I struggled with it for a good two hours…  Embarrassing, I know. Looking back on it, draining and opening the coconut was the easy part, requiring two […]


Okay.  Get ready.  For these are the most strange, yet most delicious bonbons you will ever make and eat.  And the word “bonbon” is the closest term I can come up with when it comes to naming… these.  First, I called them peanut butter “pockets,” then “truffles,” then “balls.”  But balls didn’t really sound elegant […]