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Have you ever walked into a room and experienced a seemingly “real-life” flashback? Well, that’s what happened when I walked into the grocery store last week.  I haven’t been to that particular store in over two years, and when I went back, I was surprised at how nothing had really changed–the aisles remained exactly where […]


This is yet another attempt of mine to recreate the classic rice krispy treats.  My plan with these was to make a sophisticated, yet healthy, no-bake treat (no marshmallows here!).  And may I just add that this was a successful attempt?  Everyone absolutely loved them   My sister, who is strangely not a sugar addict […]


Castella cakes are traditional Japanese desserts, often made with five or so egg yolks, lots of sugar and processed flour.  Although though they don’t usually contain oil or butter, the cake as a whole isn’t the healthiest.  So why not make my own?  I made my version using no eggs, a small amount of dry sugar […]


I guess you could say I have a newfound looove for almond extract.  It’s sweet, yet bitter… and it kinda smells like licorice to me. WARNING: do not sniff a new bottle of almond extract–you will flinch and spill it everywhere.  Whaaattt?  No I’m not saying that from personal experience!  Silly you, I don’t know why you’d […]


So, just like every other day, I was in dire need of a dessert.  You know, something crunchy, yet chewy, something mild in flavor but with a unique, zippy and zingy taste. I looked in my pantry and found a box of brown rice krispies resting nicely on the shelf.  I was going to make krispy treats. […]


Don’t be scared!  This oatmeal is just like any other oatmeal — it’s warm, it’s sweet, it’s healthy!  It’s just, you know…  green.  Very different from my Chocolate Fudge Brownie Oatmeal.  One can never get sick of chocolate but it’s always good to change things up a bit, so I decided to use matcha instead of cocoa […]


Not only are these DIY Peanut Butter Cups healthy, but they are 80 calories a piece! Not only are these decadently sweet, but they are sugar free! I mean, do I really need to say it?  These are perfection–they are stuffed full of flavorful peanut butter and coated with creamy milk chocolate.  Heaven. Oh, and did […]