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I know I’ve gone a little crazy on the krispy treats lately… but they are just so. good.  Plus, I needed to find a way to get my sister to stop hogging all my pistachio butter!  ;)  I looked around my pantry and the rice krispies stuck out right away. *grabs cereal box* But what […]


Pistachio butter?  What?  I thought you were the peanut butter type? Oh, I am.  Trust me. These pistachios were actually an impulse buy.  I passed a giant bag at the grocery store and grabbed it (I think it was the packaging… it was just so pretty!).  Little did I know in my moment of weakness, […]


I can’t believe this is healthy.  It tastes like pure sin. One bite and you’ll be hooked.  It’ll feel like you’re “cheating” on your diet, even though you’re not straying one bit. “This has got to be bad for me,” you say.  But the little angel on your shoulder tells you otherwise… … wait, that’s not an […]


Don’t run away!!!  It’s green because of the matcha! I promise, there’s no spinach in this.  Unlike these  …  so, you’ll stay?  :) YAY!  So, I’ve kind of been obsessing over Kirbie’s Cravings’ matcha recipes lately (not to mention her photography, her pictures almost made me take a bite out of my computer screen), and I thought I […]


I told you a recipe with my DIY Brown Sugar was coming! I also told you that it was going to be better than cookies.  I’m sure that stumped some of you, because when I told my friend that she frantically shouted, “What’s better than cookies?!?” Um, cookie dough is… or at least that’s my […]


Did you know that brown sugar is even more processed than regular ole’ granulated white sugar?  Yet another reason to avoid brown sugar… and white sugar  :)  It’s a pretty easy thing to do when this stuff is around! Compared to storebought brown sugar, this: has 1/7th the calories and carbohydrates is low glycemic (safe for diabetics) is just […]


Happy Birthday, Blog!  You’re one  :) So no, we cannot indulge a double, triple, or even quadruple chocolate tart to celebrate this day… it must be quintuple.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This tart has five sources of chocolate: The chocolate oat crust is perfect — it melts right in your mouth! The chocolate coffee ganache enhances the […]


As a college student, naturally, I have a major slight obsession with coffee… As a normal human being, I have a profound addiction penchant for chocolate, and all things chocolate. I may or may not have bought a bulk pack of natural, sugar free milk chocolate off of (hey, don’t judge), and needed to make a […]


I swear, for the last two weeks I have made overnight dessert oats for breakfast.  No joke. Every morning I (strangely) wake up in a good and jolly mood because I know what’s waiting for me just six feet away (yes, my dormroom is puny).  I scurry off my bed and run briskly walk to […]


I have always loved Quaker’s granola bars, Nature’s Valley’s honey oat bars and obviously, candy bars!  Unfortunately, after eating any of those I would feel guilty and then get hungry again in no time.  I wanted to make my own healthy snack to have on hand, one that was as sweet as a candy bar, […]


What’s the best part of a sugar cookie?    Is it the pound of sugar, the abundance of butter, or the bleached, processed flour? If you couldn’t tell by my negative diction, none of those ingredients are the best part of a sugar cookie! So, what is the best part? The flavor, of course! Which, might I add, is captured perfectly […]


So I spruced up my Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Dough…  and when I say “spruce up” I mean, oh my goodness this is 572.5 times better!!  And that’s saying a lot, as that cookie dough basically made me cry with pure happiness and sweet, sweet joy. So.  Got five minutes?  Got a blender?  Got a can […]


Chocolate.       Peanut Butter.              Popcorn! Hey, take that back!  That isn’t a weird combo of ingredients!  Okay, maybe it is… but let me tell you, it’s delicious!  It’s salty, it’s sweet, it’s crunchy, it’s chewy, it’s satisfying, it’s healthy.  Wait, what?!?  This is healthy?  Oh, you bet […]


It’s hot here in Arizona, so I don’t really want anything to do with the oven right now.  But, I craved granola bars.Edit:  I craved chocolate granola bars… Granola bars are usually baked, but I thought a no-bake version would be better.  I tend to like chewy granola bars more than crunchy, so I usually opt […]


Oh yes.  It’s here, peanut butter lovers.  It’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Dough! This is the answer to your insane cookie dough cravings prayers. A giant bowl of this and you’re invincible.  Got a tough day ahead of you?  Not anymore with this stuff nearby.  Wait, it’s not nearby anymore, it’s gone.  Five minutes to […]


Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Confession time!  Okay, so, I used to eat Tollhouse cookie dough straight out of the tub… the 36oz tub… from Costco (yes, that cookie dough) and not only was that fairly dangerous from a possible salmonella contamination, it was unhealthy from the insane amount of sugar, processed […]