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Mmmm, blondie batter!  Like a mixture between cookie dough and cake batter, but just a little different–not firm like cookie dough and not pourable like cake batter… it’s juuuust right!  :) But here, I delved deeper into the healthy-doughs-and-batters world by using a different bean–the cannellini bean! Don’t worry!  You can’t taste them at all! Cannellini beans are […]


At first people will think these are Reese’s, but then they take a bite. Their eyes burst wide open and their senses clear. Another bite.  They smile, and then they melt with happiness. The almond and coconut flavors pair perfectly.  And why not make it better by encasing the two in smooth, milky chocolate? That’s sort of […]


I never thought I’d say this but …  phew …  I would choose this Almond Joy Spread any day over peanut butter! *flinches* Oh, I thought you were going to virtually punch me for a second there. This spread is super buttery and creamy, similar to peanut butter, only it’s sweet and full of three amazing flavors: […]


Here I go again with the peanut butter + butterscotch combo!  It’s a magnificent match that shocks your tastebuds every time, but in a good way. We’ve all seen peanut butter granola bars on grocery store shelves, but these homemade granola squares are so much better… these are 100% whole grain, refined-sugar-free, no bake, and are […]


Oh no, I couldn’t stop at Peanut Butter Protein Balls, and I certainly couldn’t stop at the Nutella Fudge Protein Cookies! Chocolate + Peanut Butter = Magic … the combo just had to be done. To tell you the truth, I was so happy with the basic peanut butter recipe I didn’t even think of making a chocolate version […]


Finally, a dessert where we can have eight four servings and not feel guilty one bit!  These Coconut Shortbread Truffles are sweet, sophisticated, satisfying, and packed with natural coconut flavor.  But these aren’t your average truffles, these are made with ingredients you can feel good about eating! And they look super fancy, don’t they? So lift your pinkie and grab […]


Ohhhh yes.  Almond . Joy . Candy . Fudge. My heart just skipped a beat! Ohhhh yes.  Wait, did I say that already? It appears I did, but would you take a look at that bite?  So smooth, so chewy, so fudgy! Chocolate and coconut pair like no other, but the almond flavor is what brightens each bite. You will be in […]


For quite some time, I was making Peanut Butter Protein Balls on a daily basis!  They are just so incredibly easy to make and I love the short and healthy ingredient list.  Oh, and did I mention they taste sooo.freaking.good? But sometimes it’s good to change things up a bit.  Lulu commented on the PB Protein […]


I absolutely love butterscotch flavor–it’s so intense, creamy and warming… A perfect match for peanut butter and chocolate, yes?  Yes. These Healthy Scotcheroos are unbelievably unique and sophisticated, nothing like what you see in those bright blue packages at the grocery store!  Everyone was stunned when they saw these.  First of all, they are just so fancy!  No […]


After making those Lemon Cheesecake Bars, I was on a lemon roll!!  Get it?  Get it?   I know, I’m cheesy…  so let’s get onto the fooood shall we?  This cookie dough is the springtime snack!  It’s light, it’s fresh, it’s summery and it’s… healthy?!  YUP. It’s buttery, yet contains no butter. It’s sweet, yet contains no sugar. […]


Nutella lovers, hold onto your pants seat…  because you’re about to witness something amazing: Fudgy.  Brownie Batter  spiked with “Nutella“ … that’s also guilt free. … No need to pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming.  This is for real. Incredible hazelnut taste.  Intense chocolate flavor.  Indulgent fudgy texture. It tastes completely unhealthy, but it’s actually good for you. Filled with oats, […]


It’s springtime, so can someone please tell me why I still have four cans of pumpkin lying around?? Seriously.  I am so behind.  But I definitely made up for it with these Lemon Cheesecake Bars.  Every bite is like a wave of freshness–so tasty, so fresh, so lemony!  You would never actually guess that this […]


I could top just about anything with a good jam, and the same goes with fresh fruit and fruit compotes. I chose to make a Healthy Blueberry Compote, partly because I love blueberries (they’re like perfect little spheres of sweet, candy-like fruit), and partly because it pairs well with lemon…  Scroll down to see why […]


Yes!  Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge!  And it tastes unbelievably authentic (aka, not vegan) Texture?  Melts in your mouth! Taste?  Dark, rich and oh so indulgent. So delicious, that you’d never know it started out as a failure…  the failure being, this homemade vegan condensed milk:   Since I made a DIY Sweetened Condensed Milk, I tried making vegan condensed […]


Nutella lovers, breakfast lovers and dessert lovers, I bring to you…  “Nutella” Overnight Dessert Oats!     A breakfast so rich, so creamy and oh so chocolatey. A breakfast so satisfying, so nutritious and oh so easy to make. Imagine waking up in the morning with this in your fridge.  You might actually have trouble falling asleep after smelling […]


Fellow veggie haters, behold… for this is the answer to our problems! I’m just gonna go out and say it:  I’m a baby when it comes to raw veggies–I run away from bitter broccoli and crunchy carrots.  And if someone brings one of those detox drinks near me, I hold my breath and push it away. […]