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Those DIY Nutella Chocolate Chips aren’t just for snacking, they make amaaaazing cookies too! After making those Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies, I was on a cookie roll  😉 I literally baked four batches of cookies in one week.  And I hogged about 99.8% of them all to myself…  even the first two failed batches. Because ugly cookies are still tasty […]


If I told you how many times I’ve made Homemade Nutella recently, I’m not sure if you’d give me a high five or a punch in the arm… it’s quite a shocking number. I maayybe use it a little too much. Are you going to (virtually) punch me? Well, I hope not, because my total overuse […]


I’m still on my quest for a thick and chewy (yet healthy) Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie.  But I’ve gotta say, these cookies are definitely an amazing placeholder.  First of all, they’re jumbo, and second, they don’t taste healthy at all!  They are bursting with the rich and decadent essence of peanut butter with every whiff and obviously, […]


After making this cheesecake and mashing the life out of it to create beautiful and delicious cheesecake pops, I thought, why not do the same with the cake you just baked?  Don’t worry, I only mashed two slices.  I couldn’t handle much more destruction of a perfectly good cake.  But, those two slices were worth […]


I’ve always been mesmerized by a grocery store’s baking aisle.  Every location carries different products for different prices and at different sizes.  However, there are certain things that never change:  the boxed baking mixes.  I know them like the back of my hand, yet I still look through each of them for a good five […]


I’m terrible at making cookies. Just. Terrible. They’re either too dry or too gooey.  They either rise too high or spread like a puddle.  They either burn to a crisp or don’t cook through at all. However, with these “cookies” I’m happy with “in the middle” results. As these baked away in the oven, a […]