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As IF  I had my fill of healthy Nutella!  That’s just not possible.  I could eat the stuff straight up. Wait, I did… and if you remember, I perhaps… may have… just possibly ate it off a knife.  Oh my, chocolate makes you do craaazzyy things sometimes. So I made these candy cups in attempt to consume my […]


There are certain things in life that seem to capture memorable moments just perfectly.  These blondies?  They capture summer, warm weather, happiness and comfort in each square.  Every bite is as sweet as can be, with a calming peach flavor and refreshing hint of lemon. Chewy, ultimately rich and undeniably decadent. While you can reminisce […]


After finishing the last of those Blue Blueberry Oatmeal Cookie/Pancake/Muffin Tops, I was dying to bake them again, and soon.  Even though they didn’t turn out like cookies like I had hoped, I found myself craving that chewy, muffin-y texture the following days.  Jenny D commented on the post saying she made the muffin tops […]


Jul 24

Raw Almond Butter

I feel so guilty knowing that I ever bought nut butter from the store.  I never knew how much cheaper it is to make it at home… quite honestly, I didn’t know it was possible until a few months ago.  Plus, it’s super easy, incredibly convenient, and oh so fresh and healthy!  So let’s calculate […]


Seeing how much I love peanut butter, there’s no questioning why I loved those Peanut Butter Crunch Bars by PureFit.  Although they weren’t as sweet as my tastebuds would’ve liked, they were packed with peanut flavor, 18g of protein and only 220 calories. I usually reserve bars for emergency snacks only, since they aren’t the most nutritious snack […]


Are you a chocolate lover?  If you are, I love you then you’re at the right place…  because you just found a recipe for Healthy Gluten-Free Chocolate Quinoa Crackers! Skip the Wheat Thins, the Ritz, the Saltines and all the other crackers out there and make chocolate crackers instead.  These crackers are a five-ingredient wonder (technically seven ingredients, […]


Have you tried the Michael Phelps diet?  Because I’m starting to think I’m on it… decadent desserts are taking over my life! Not like that’s a bad thing, of course, I sort of welcome it  ;) Kinda like how I welcomed these blondies into my mouth kitchen. Lately, all I’ve wanted are some darn good, […]


I used to have this bad habit of never planning ahead.  Especially when it came to food.  My hunger would always catch me off guard and at the worst time, so I often made bad food choices.  You know what I’m talking about!  When the hunger strikes, that fatty, sugary chocolate chip muffin at the […]


Okay.  I really tried to avoid getting obsessed with Pinterest.  At first I was like, how on earth can someone spends hours looking at pictures?  And then, I fell into their trap made my own Pinterest account.  I would spend a few minutes here and there looking at the Food & Drink section, and sometimes […]


Last October I made a very different Key Lime Pie, if it should even be called that.  I used strange and not so typical pie ingredients (like cream cheese and coconut butter), and looking back now, I used far too many.  Despite its crazy appearance and “graham cracker crust” (note the quotes), it had an […]


I’m Canadian, born and raised (woohoo!) so it’s normal for me to have an obsession with maple syrup, right? Just like how my chocolate obsession is normal.  Or at least that’s what I tell myself…… So I combined my obsessions along with some peanut butter to make Reese’s PB Cups on crack.  You would be […]


Happy Canada Day! What’s that, eh?  Maple Peanut Butter?! Yes, please! Skippy with honey is sooo overrated, this is the new spread in town. It has more flavor, more nutrients, and of course, more Canadian spirit  ;) Warning:  this is incredibly addicting! I think it goes without saying that this spread was short-lived…