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Despite all the recipes I’ve made with pumpkin, I’m not its biggest fan…  I hold true to the statement I made almost exactly one year ago.  While I’m neutral to pumpkin’s flavor, I seem to like everything else that goes with it, like cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar sweetness, etc.  I could smell a jar of cinnamon alllll day long […]


It was only a matter of time before I added chocolate to these Pancakes.  Okay, really now, I made these the day after the original version but didn’t want to annoy you by posting two pancake recipes in a row. But now that I think of it, how could that possibly be annoying? Just like […]


My heart, and all the love that lies inside it, definitely belongs inside a jar of peanut butter.  When I go to the grocery store, I’m drawn to the nut butter section.  Even if I don’t need to restock the peanut butter section in my pantry, I like to look at the perfectly stacked jars […]


These Healthy Maple Butter Pecan Krispy Treats beat those lame-o storebought treats, by a long shot! These are flavorful.  These have texture.  These are… healthy? Oh yes.  Sweet, rich and decadent treats that are also whole grain, refined sugar free, low fat and gluten free (but you would never know!)  Totally different than the “food-like” products at the […]


It’s starting to get chilly outside, and I’m not a big fan.  I like when you can run out the door without thinking, oh crap, I left my jacket inside!  Especially since I find myself running out the door a lot.  Cold weather inadvertently reminds me of comfort food.  Food that you can snuggle up […]


Every time I think of pancakes, I smile.  Not because they are totally freaking awesome moist and taste incredibly delicious, but because I remember how I used to eat them as a child.  I would drown my pancakes in that fake Aunt Jemima stuff to the point where there was more syrup on my plate than pancakes.  And I […]