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There are two types of people:  people who go with the flow and do things on the fly, and people who are totally anal rigid and need to plan things. I’m the planning type.  Like, I need to schedule things or know of something in advance.  If it’s not on my calendar, on my to-do list […]


First of all, Merry Christmas!! Secondly, the post   I made these rolls last month on Thanksgiving day for my family and they absolutely loved them (and to my surprise, since I don’t have that much experience with yeast).  I was expecting a total flop when I healthified this recipe by using 100% whole wheat flour […]


Just by looking, would you ever guess that this Chocolate Pear Cake is… dare I say… healthy?  *gasp!* It’s true, it’s true.  I would never lie to you! Most desserts are bad for your health, horrifically caloric and leave you feeling guilty. The giant slice of cake you see here is nutritious (especially for the […]


After making homemade white chocolate, I realized how easy it was to make chocolate bars at home.  After a complete flop at making dairy-free milk chocolate (oxymoron?), I decided it would be a whole lot easier to make homemade dark chocolate.  Plus, dark chocolate is more holiday-ish anyways. This homemade dark chocolate would make the […]


Yes, I know the primary pumpkin months are over…  but I still have like, 7 cans of pumpkin in my pantry and I will always have a chocolate craving. So I mixed the two. And because I am still impatient (and always will be), I made these super quick chocolate pumpkin cupcakes…  in the microwave.  In […]


Shortbread.  Caramel.  Chocolate. No wonder these are called Millionaire’s Shortbread Bars…  they’re so rich you feel like royalty when you taste it. More than anything, though, you will feel like a real winner when you remember that this bar you are eating isn’t so bad for you.  That’s right.  The decadence you see here is […]