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I should start off my saying welcome and I’m glad you’re here!  Desserts with Benefits is a healthy dessert recipe blog that revolves around health, balance and an active, balanced lifestyle…  with some healthified cookies, cakes and brownies snuck in between   I believe that desserts can and should be eaten every day without feeling guilty or […]


I used to drink Swiss Miss hot cocoa all. the. time.  I am so ashamed.  Who knows how much white sugar and dangerous hydrogenated oil I drank from that.  I remember I used to buy the hot cocoa envelopes in the summer, just so I could snack on those dehydrated mini marshmallows.  Are you laughing at […]


Knowing how utterly obsessed I was with sugar as a child, it’s a given that I adored those jet puffed marshmallows from the grocery store.  Seriously, they are pure sugar.  Prooobably the main reason I liked them so much, but I also liked how simple they were. Every time I walk by a bag of marshmallows, […]


Happy National Bittersweet Chocolate Day! I’ve gotta admit, I’m not really a fan of bittersweet chocolate.  I agree with Ina Garten who always says on her show, Barefoot Contessa, that bittersweet chocolate is too bitter and semisweet chocolate is too sweet (except I don’t think anything is too sweet!) As I made these cupcakes I was expecting […]


So many chocolate cravings, so little time!! If you agree with that statement, then this post should be the answer to your prayers.  This quinoa flake bake recipe takes less than 10 minutes to prep and cook…  and eat, if you are a chocolate monster…  and I certainly hope you are  😉 Oh yeah, and […]


I’m sure that after reading the word “quinoa,” your stomach isn’t growling for an entire batch of these.  But trust me, these brownie cookies are deeelicious (c’mon, have some faith in me) These are like brownies but in cookie form.  Sweet, rich, fudgy and packed with chocolate flavor.  But they are soft and light, rather than […]