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Angel Food Cake has been on my Recipe Wishlist (or “Desserts to Healthify” list) for over two years now, before I even started this blog!  Angel Food Cake is often seen as a guilt-free treat because it is naturally fat free…  that means no egg yolks, no butter, no oil.  But fat free does not necessarily […]


Whenever I buy a bunch of bananas I always always always have a few leftover that I don’t feel like eating plain on their own.  And sometimes I just don’t have the time to bake a whole loaf of banana bread.  So I make this super quick microwave cake…  a single-serving microwave cake…  a peanut-butter-infused banana microwave cake. […]


After finally perfecting a healthy brownie recipe, I thought I would make a little spin-off dessert recipe and make a delicious white chocolate version.  And guess what?  It is freaking ahhhmazing totally delicious  😉 I love it. I used gluten free sorghum flour instead of cocoa powder, I used cocoa butter instead of non-hydrogenated shortening, […]


Just like most foodies, I am totally obsessed with the Food Network channel.  Even though the chefs don’t necessarily make any of the food I’m “into” — aka, nutritious food…  they throw around three sticks of butter like it’s no big deal! — I just love each of their personalities and I love watching them […]


I’ve told you time and time again, I suck at baking cookies.  Cookies are so much harder to healthify than cakes or other desserts because they require a different ratio of butter:sugar:flour…  or maybe they are so much harder to make because I don’t use butter, sugar or processed flour. I have always struggled with making cookies, […]


A chocolate muffin.  From the microwave, not the oven!  Made and baked in less than 10 minutes flat? You bet.  Mix the batter, pop it in the microwave, dive right in…  with no need to share.  Really. So skip the oven preheating and an insanely long baking time and make the ultimate healthy microwave muffin […]