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I have been working on a peanut butter microwave cake for so long now it’s silly!  I FINALLY perfected the recipe and have made it four days in a row. It’s SO peanut buttery, but guess what?  It doesn’t even have peanut butter in it!  It’s made with peanut flour, my favorite flour right now […]


I have made (failed) macarons fourteen times.  Yes, fourteen.  The number of trials is quite laughable to me now, but looking back I remember the frustration of each and every failed batch.  I was hopeful when I folded the batter perfectly, I was anxious as I let the macarons rest on the trays for thirty […]


I am slowly getting better at baking cookies!  I still run into problems here and there, like overbaking, too much spreading, too little spreading, etc, but these cookies were definitely a winner.  The centers of these rich Oatmeal Scotchies are soft and chewy and the outsides are firmer with a slight crunch, kind of like […]

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In my last post I gave you two recipes for Homemade Butterscotch Chips — one that can be baked as it is suitable for high heat applications and one that is meant for no-bake treats because they will melt into caramel-like pockets of goo.  I said that the no-bake version would be a great addition […]


  I have always had an obsession with butterscotch flavor…  not necessarily butterscotch candies, just butterscotch flavor.  It’s like caramel but with more depth.  It’s like brown sugar but with more sophistication.  So it seems like a given that I would love butterscotch chips, right? False. Factory-made butterscotch chips are probably one of the worst things […]


Wait, what?  It’s been two years since my first post ever?  I feel like my first blogiversary was just a few months ago…  I’m floored.  Happy 2nd birthday bloggy woggy!   Nothing like a decadent QUINTUPLE chocolate cake to celebrate today’s awesomeness (no, not because it’s 420, that was just a fluke I swear) Here […]