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When you’re in the mood for cheesecake but don’t want to bother with all the hassle, waiting, baking and unhealthy sugar and butter, THIS is what you make!!  This Healthy Cheesecake Dip is refined sugar free, low fat, low carb and high protein.  Plus, it’s a cinch to make.  Requiring only five ingredients and just a few minutes to whip together, you will be snacking healthfully in no time.

Healthy Cheesecake Dip - Healthy Dessert Blog Healthy Cheesecake Dip - Healthy Dessert Blog Healthy Cheesecake Dip - Healthy Dessert Blog

This stuff is HEAVEN.  Sweet, buttery, rich and secretly guilt-free cheesecakey heaven  ;)

Serve with fresh fruit, all natural sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, graham crackers and spoons.

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Chocolate Therapy Cakes tend to be, well, “therapeutic” in the sense that the cake immerses you into a deep, food- and sugar-induced coma.  Therapy Cakes tend to be the unhealthiest types of cakes out there so it’s understandable if you think this one will be too…  but this one is different…  this one is healthy! I’m […]


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I don’t like psyllium.  Never did, never will.  When it’s dissolved into water, juice, smoothies, etc it turns into this disgusting gel-like goo.  Not to mention, it clumps up and feels like you’re swallowing that bubble tea that everyone seems to like (except me, of course…  I’m the pickiest eater of all) I guess that’s why […]


Now THIS doesn’t look like a healthy breakfast.  I mean, Red Velvet Pancakes…  healthy?  And for breakfast?  Ummm, are you crazy?!? Yes, I might be crazy and so might these pancakes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing   So what’s crazy about this dessert breakfast?  It’s free of refined sugar, contains no bleached white flour and has absolutely zero […]