Healthy Single-Serving Pumpkin Buckwheat Microwave Cake

Don’t forget your baking powder, you will make silly kitchen mistakes.

When you make silly kitchen mistakes, you will make super dense and unpleasant cakes.

When you make super dense and unpleasant cakes, you will get angry.

When you get angry, you swear off baking forever.

Don’t swear off baking forever and remember your baking powder!

That’s the lesson I learned last Friday.  I was in a huge rush out the door so I quickly made a microwave cake since they take just a couple minutes to make and a few more minutes to “bake.”  When you’re mixing a batter as fast as you can, like you’re competing on Cupcake Wars for $10,000 or something, you are bound to forget an ingredient.  An important ingredient at that.  I (of course) forgot the baking powder and I was forced to eat a rubbery and dense cake for breakfast.  I was starving!

Healthy Single-Serving Pumpkin Buckwheat Microwave CakeHealthy Single-Serving Pumpkin Buckwheat Microwave Cake

The next day I made the microwave cake again but this time with the baking powder.  It was absolutely delicious!  This single-serving pumpkin cake is so good that I’ve made it for breakfast allll weekend long, and then on Monday and again this morning  ;)

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