Healthy Red Velvet Fudge Protein Bars - Healthy Dessert Blog

Have you ever had Red Velvet Fudge?  Maybe…  ;)

Well, how about this:  Have you ever had all natural, refined sugar free and 100% healthy Red Velvet Fudge?  No…  that exists?!

Yes, it finally does.  And you would never know that it’s actually good for you.

Healthy Red Velvet Fudge Protein Bars - Healthy Dessert Blog Healthy Red Velvet Fudge Protein Bars - Healthy Dessert Blog

Look at how fudgy, dense and chewy it is!

It’s like any other chocolate fudge — sweet, rich, flavorful, fudgy — but it’s naturally red (no artificial food coloring here), refined sugar free (no processed cane sugar either), gluten free (yup, no bleached white flour), high fiber, high protein and vegan too.  I swear you’d never know it, though  :)

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Wordless recipe! Okay, maybe a couple words:  CHOCOLATE FOODGASM.


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