Healthy Raw Red Walnut Butter Spread - healthy dessert blog

This super easy Homemade Red Walnut Butter is made incredibly unique and like you’ve never seen it before because it’s made with RED walnuts!  This healthy, all natural spread is super smooth, nutty, rich and full of flavor.

Healthy Raw Red Walnut Butter Spread - healthy dessert blog

My eyes shot wide open when I saw a giant crate of red walnuts at Whole Foods.  I had never seen such nuts before in my life.  I needed to buy them.  Like, a whole bag of them.

So I did, obbbviously  ;)

Healthy Raw Red Walnut Butter Spread - healthy dessert blog

Quite honestly, red walnuts taste exactly like regular walnuts.  I just think their color is fifty times more appetizing.  I’d rather eat a red walnut over a brown walnut any day, wouldn’t you?

Healthy Raw Red Walnut Butter Spread - healthy dessert blog

I decided to make a nut butter out of the copious amount of walnuts I bought.  I was hoping that the end product would have a more vibrant red color but it turned out more like a reddish-tan.  Oh well, it still looks more attractive than regular walnut butter and other nut butters like almond butter, cashew butter and peanut butter.

Healthy Raw Red Walnut Butter Spread - healthy dessert blog

I love the combination of walnuts and cinnamon so I grated some fresh cinnamon into the food processor.  I also like my nut butters a little salty and a little sweet so I added some pink Himalayan salt and some stevia.  Absolutely DELISH, you’ll love it!

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Wordless recipe! Okay, maybe a couple words:  CHOCOLATE FOODGASM.


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