Ever wish you could make your favorite foods at home?  And make them healthy while you’re at it?  Well, that’s what this roundup is for!  Here are 43 Healthy DIY Recipes that taste just as good as (or better than) the originals.  We’ve got DIY Nut Butters, DIY Rainbow Sprinkles, DIY Nutella, DIY Gummy Bears, DIY Candy Bars (yes, seriously) and DIY Protein Bars.  And way more of course, I won’t leave ya hangin’  😉

I wish I could post a brand new recipe for you all but I’ve been so busy with school.  November and December are always busy months full of due dates, exams and projects.  Oh, and finals are coming up too (next Friday, EEK!).  But I’m excited because there are only two more weeks left of the semester and then I’ll fly to the other side of the country and reunite with my family  😀

But until then, I’ll study my face off, eat lots of chocolate, and give you a list of 43 Healthy DIY Recipes  :)



Nut Butters

1.  Peanut Butters:  DIY Peanut Butter, DIY Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, DIY Cinnamon Raisin Chia Seed Peanut Butter, DIY Banana Peanut Butter and DIY Wild Jungle Peanut Butter!
2.  Almond Butters:  DIY Almond Butter, DIY Dark Chocolate Almond Butter and DIY Cinnamon Roll Almond Butter!
3.  Walnut Butters:  DIY Walnut Butter and DIY Red Walnut Butter!
4.  DIY Pecan Butter
5.  DIY Macadamia Butter
6.  DIY Pistachio Butter
7.  DIY Hazelnut Butter

11 DIY Nut Butters - Desserts with Benefits


Dessert Toppings (Sprinkles, Garnishes, Spreads, Frostings)

8.  DIY Sugar-Free Rainbow Sprinkles
DIY Sugar-Free Rainbow Sprinkles

9.  DIY Peanut Butter Chips and DIY Butterscotch Chips
DIY Peanut Butter Chips – Jessica Stier of Desserts with Benefits  DIY Butterscotch Chips – Jessica Stier of Desserts with Benefits

10.  DIY Nutella Chocolate Chips
DIY Nutella Chips – Desserts with Benefits

11.  DIY Maraschino Cherries
12.  DIY Nutella


DIY Syrups

13.  DIY Sugar-Free Strawberry Syrup, DIY Sugar-Free Blueberry Syrup and DIY Sugar-Free Raspberry Syrup
14.  DIY Sugar-Free Vanilla Bean Syrup and DIY Sugar-Free Butterscotch Syrup
15.  DIY Sugar-Free Cinnamon Roll SyrupDIY Sugar-Free Pumpkin Spice Syrup and DIY Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

8 Healthy Homemade Sugar-Free Syrups - Desserts with Benefits


Candies and Candy Bars

16.  DIY Strawberry Fruit Snacks
17.  DIY Strawberry Gummy Bears, DIY Orange Gummy Bears and DIY Green Apple Popeye Gummy Bears

DIY Gummy Bears (healthy, refined sugar free, all natural) – Desserts with Benefits

18.  DIY Hershey Kisses
19.  DIY Dark Chocolate and DIY White Chocolate
20.  DIY Reese’z Peanut Butter Cups
DIY Peanut Butter Cups (healthy, sugar free, gluten free) – Desserts with Benefits

21.  DIY Peppermint Patties
22.  DIY Ferrero Rochers
23.  DIY 3 Musketeerz
24.  DIY Milky Wayz
DIY Milky Wayz (healthy, gluten free) – Desserts with Benefits

25.  DIY Snickerz
26.  DIY Take 5
27.  DIY PayDay


Protein Bars

28.  DIY Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars
29.  DIY Peanut Butter Protein Bars
30.  DIY Triple Chocolate Protein Brownies
31.  DIY Snickerz Protein Bars
32.  DIY Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars
33.  DIY Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter Protein Bars
34.  DIY Oxymoron Chubby Hubby Protein Bars
35.  DIY Red Velvet Protein Bars
36.  DIY Millionaire’s Protein Bars
37.  DIY Matcha Green Tea Protein Bars
38.  DIY Nutella Protein Bars

DIY Protein Bars Cookbook – Jessica Stier of Desserts with Benefits

Yes, seriously.  I made a cookbook all about PROTEIN BARS!


DIY Protein Bars Cookbook – Jessica Stier of Desserts with Benefits

I’m so blessed to have this lil cookbook of mine rank as a #1 New Release on Amazon.com!
Thanks to everyone who already got their own copy  :)

DIY Protein Bars Cookbook – Jessica Stier of Desserts with Benefits


Fun Extras

39.  DIY Vanilla Extract, DIY Alcohol-Free Vanilla Extract and DIY Vanilla Paste
40.  DIY Sugar Cubes
41.  DIY Vanilla Sugar and DIY Brown Sugar
42.  DIY Marshmallows
43.  DIY Limoncello



I hope you enjoyed this roundup!  Wow, I didn’t realize how many DIY recipes I’ve made over the years until today.  *makes shocked face*

Desserts with Benefits

I better go study now.  Please save me.  Comment and distract me from doing my work, hehehe.

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I’m great at procrastination.  That’s how this blog came to be after all…

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