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Easy DIY Fig Newtons (whole grain, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, vegan)
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Healthy Homemade Fig Bars

Servings: 12 JUMBO Fig Bars
Prep Time: 30 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Total Time: 1 hr


Homemade Fig Jam:

Fig Bars:

  • 240g (2 cups) Oat Flour
  • 3 tbs Truvia Spoonable
  • 1 tsp Double Acting Baking Powder
  • ½ tsp Ground Cinnamon
  • ½ tsp Salt
  • ¼ cup Unsweetened Applesauce
  • 2 tbs Coconut Oil (melted; +1 tsp for brushing after baking)
  • tbs Water
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1 cup Homemade Fig Jam (recipe above)


For the Homemade Fig Jam:

  • In a small saucepan (use a wide and shallow one, not a tall and narrow one), add the dried figs, Truvia, orange juice, and water.  Let soak for 1 hour.
  • Cover with a lid and place the saucepan over medium heat.  Keeping cover on, cook for ~20 minutes, or until the figs are super soft and can be easily mushed with a fork.  Let cool completely.
  • Blend in a high speed blender (I used my Vitamix) until a spreadable paste.

For the Fig Bars:

  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the oat flour, Truvia, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt.
  • In a large bowl, whisk together the applesauce, the melted 2 tbs of coconut oil, water, and vanilla extract.  Dump the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and stir together until it forms a thick dough.  Roll the dough out between two silicone baking sheets until ¼” thick.  Slice into a large rectangle (about 8” x 18” long).
  • Spread the fig jam in a center line down the dough rectangle.
  • Fold the dough over the fig filling like a pamphlet.  Start by lifting one side of the silicone baking sheet, gently pressing on it so the dough sticks to the fig filling, then repeat on the other side.
  • Flip the Fig Bar “log” so the seam side is down, then slice.  Place the silicone baking sheet on a cookie sheet and space the Fig Bars apart a couple inches or so.  Bake for 12 minutes.  Take the pan out of the oven and brush the melted 1 tsp of coconut oil on top of the bars.  Let cool, then store in a tightly sealed container overnight so they can soften.  Enjoy the following day!

Recipe Notes

The Fig Jam recipe makes 2 cups (550g) total.  You need 1 cup to make the Fig Bars.
The Fig Bar recipe makes 12 Fig Bars.  They're LARGE!  One is probably equal to 2-3 store-bought Fig Newtons.
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Bars, Blondies & Brownies