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Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous: February 9, 2013

    Great site! super innovative and informative. keep it up!

  2. Qi Ting @ A Dessert Diet: February 9, 2013

    I can’t wait for the Matcha-Almond layer cake! I love your recipes, Jessica, but I have lots of difficulty making them because most of the recipes are not available to me easily! Nonetheless, the recipe ideas are terrific :D

  3. gnmir: May 5, 2013

    love your recipies jessica!but you should make simple ones+use easily available ingredients.

    but they still are great!

  4. Vera Lima: August 4, 2013

    Jessica, I love seeing your dessert recipes !
    The ice cream one is my favourite.
    The perfect summer treat!

  5. Erin Duffy: October 6, 2013

    I just found your website this week and am addicted! I went to the store and bought ingredients for 3 recipes already!

  6. dessertswithbenefits: October 6, 2013

    Yayyy!! That makes me so happy!!
    I hope you absolutely adore/fall in love/become addicted to the super duper healthy recipes. There are sooo many more to come :D

  7. Annie: November 12, 2013

    Losing weight is not a magic, you have to work hard at it, you need to workout, hydrate and eat healthy food.

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