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My name is Jessica and I’m the girl behind this healthy dessert recipe blog.  I love baking, food photography, strength training (hate hate hate cardio, sorry not sorry), making DIY Protein Bars, and cuddling on the couch with my puppy, Cherry.  I am a sweet tooth at heart — always have been and always will, from childhood to today and this day forward — with a passion for nutrition, health, and wellness.

As a university graduate in the field of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, my main goal here on this blog is to make truly healthy desserts.  Here at DWB, we use good-for-you ingredients to make balanced treats we can feel good about eating!


What does “Desserts With Benefits” mean?

Desserts with health benefits!  It’s just a fun play on the phrase, “friends with benefits,” but dessert snuck its way in there instead 😜

Let’s indulge…  no strings attached.


Jessica - Healthy Dessert Recipes at Desserts with Benefits

Oops, I forgot to shave my stache!

Juuust kidding 😏



With love and good eats,


– Jess




If you’re curious about the blog’s guiding principles, read the Food Philosophy page!


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  3. I came across your blog as I browsed around on foodgawker. I absolutely love this! I am a college student too and I love to bake. Unfortunately I don’t have a kitchen at school so I bake when I go home and I always take out half the sugar and find alternatives to using oil and butter [I am looking to try applesauce now that I have tried using yogurt a few times!]. I have my own baking blog as well but it isn’t as professional and amazing as yours. I always envisioned my blog to be something like yours and I will look to yours for inspiration [if you don’t mind]. Keep it up! I agree with the struggle to eat healthy in college dorms and exercise and I try to get healthy snacks too. I love to shop at Trader Joe’s because they have a much wider array of healthy options for an affordable price. I love their trail mix to eat as a snack [as well as lots and lots of fruit]. Anyways, thank you for doing this!! I will definitely visit whenever I think of baking but can’t find a healthy recipe

  4. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it!! I enjoyed reading about your journey to healthy living (mine’s similar) and I can’t wait to hear & see more from your blog 🙂

  5. Hey Jessica, Love your blog! We were wondering if we can feature it on our Knapkins. In July, we launched a new network to showcase the most delicious dishes created by a community of passionate foodies and food bloggers. Come by and play a game of ‘food duel’, or take a look at our top dishes of the week and get inspired with new recipe ideas. Once you submit your foodblog, we will automatically add photos from your new blog entries and notify you once its ready. You can submit your foodblog http://www.Knapkins.com/signup/blogger Have a scrumptious day, Christine & The Knapkins Team

  6. I love your recipes 🙂 It’s really cool to hear success stories about people around my age. A lot of people my age could care less about good nutrition and living healthily. By the way name is also Jessica and my dream is similar to yours. It’s to become a nutritional counselor and own natural bakery/cafe!

  7. Hey HealthierHappierJeffie, I guess we are virtual twins then! 🙂

  8. I sound like the rest of these folks indeed! Found your blog and wholeheartedly agree with everything you say and believe – it is like I am saying it myself! I appreciate your blog bc I normally get frustrated with having to go through attempt after attempt and never quite getting it right! Perhaps we can learn together!

  9. Hi Jessica! I just found your blog and I really like it! I too want to become a Registered Dietitian, and have an enormous sweet tooth!

  10. Okay, I’m not sure if you have seen me around commenting on your blog (love it so much!). I can’t keep my eyes off your creations and its amazing that I have the same dreams as you do, though my parents pretend to not to know. I believe that you can achieve what you want to– you’re so talented!You’re an inspiration to me and I mean all I’ve said! — Qi Ting PS: Any suggestions to make healthier frangipane? Been trying for ages but I keep failing (too dry!)

  11. Qi Ting,
    Thank you so much, I appreciate every single one of your comments 🙂 As for the frangipane, I’ve never tried it but I looked at a bunch of recipes. Maybe you can replace the butter with a few tablespoons of coconut oil and the rest with regular liquid oil and some additional applesauce. You can try using large slices of moist fruits (like peaches) to add moisture. Hope this helps!

  12. I found your blog today looking for a healthy pound cake for my husband. I am going to try your lemon pound cake without the icing. Any chance you know the caloric value of a specific serving size? I can probably figure it out calculating all the ingredients but if you know…..makes it easy for me!!!
    Thanks!! Kathy

  13. Kathy,
    1/8 of the recipe is the serving size (1 slice if you make the large loaf). Without the icing, 1 serving/slice has 246 calories, 5.9g fat, 40.5g carbs, 4.25g fiber, 7.5g protein.

  14. Hello Jessica! Just want to say how inspiring your blog is:) I recently started on an anti-candida diet and your recipes using stevia are just perfect!! And I also want to proclaim my love for bodyrock.tv as well..really comes in useful for those busy college days!

  15. Hello! I would like to say your blog was recommended to me by a good friend who posted your protein peanut butter balls to me. I’m a Physical Fitness Management major. Recently went vegetarian after a taking a nutrition course this semester. All your recipes are fantastic and your story is very heartwarming and encouraging. You are a great fit role model. Keep it up 🙂

  16. I just read through your story, and I love it! So inspirational 🙂 I started on my personal weight loss journey (my highest weight was 230lbs) just over a year ago. I began by purely working out and eating the “diet” foods you can buy in the store – the ones with all the chemicals and fake ingredients. But a few months into it, I realized that exercise alone wasn’t doing enough, and that I had to change my eating habits too. Now, 13 months after the first day I started working out on a 3-day-per-week basis, I not only now workout 5-6 days per week, but I eat almost completely ‘clean’ and healthy! And my god, do I feel incredible! Physically, I’ve lost 60lbs of fat total, and have gained plenty of muscle and strength all over. Mentally, I’m so much happier & confident, and I have a ton of energy too! I’m glad I came across your blog (I too have a MAJOR sweet tooth!). I look forward to trying out your amazing recipes!

  17. Wow, that’s amazing! And a BIG congratulations on your weight loss, I think THAT is the inspiration here. Fat is the hardest thing to lose, and it’s great that you’ve gained muscle (another challenging task)! I hope you find a recipe you like! Tell me how it goes 🙂

  18. Wow- I feel like it could have been me writing this! Our views are so similar and you even used the word ‘balance’ which is exactly how I live my life. I found you via Foodgawker, but now i will be checking back!

  19. Thanks Jo! I’m glad someone out there feels the same way. Hope to see you soon 🙂

  20. What a great story, Jessica! You were smart to change your eating habits in the first place and to keep on looking for solutions. Not many people take the initiative at such a young age, I’m sure you’re already a great role model for LOTS of teens (and adults) out there looking for a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Wow. What a great and inspiring story! Subscribing today. I look forward to reading more healthy recipes and tips. Keep up the great work!

  22. So I’ve determined that you are a genius. Putting you on my blogroll!

  23. This blog is amazing Jessica. After reading your ‘About Me’ I’m even more psyched to see a naturopath and get on my way eating smarter. I think I can relate to everything you say about going vegan the right way. That’s what I want to do. BE HEALTHY! I went veggo to be healthy and vegan to get stricter but I still love to get into those sugary baked-treats from all the cute blogs. i wonder how many others are doing the same thing too.

  24. You’re wonderfully creative and a diligent experimenter! I absolutely love your recipes, photography and blog design. And the nutrition labels, of course 😉

  25. Are you still vegan?

  26. Not at the moment but I wouldn’t have a problem switching back 🙂 it was a nice challenge (and it’s getting easier these days with new products and upgraded product labeling) but takes a lot of research to make sure you are getting the proper vitamins, minerals and protein.

  27. I love your blog, Jessica! I wish I’d found it sooner–I, too, did vege the ‘wrong’ way, but unlike you, I haven’t tried to back to it and do it right–maybe it’s worth finding an RD 🙂 all the best in school! looks like you’ve found a perfect career path for your passion 😀

  28. Has anyone ever told you that you look a bit like Vanessa Hudgens? (that’s a compliment btw (: your gorgeous)

  29. No I’ve never heard that! But thanks 🙂

  30. Hi Jessica! Just wanted to tell you how AMAZING your site is. As a teenage girl who tries to eat really healthy whilst still living at home and being surrounded by unhealthy food/eating habits at school, it is reassuring to know when I bake your foods they are healthy and natural 🙂 Thank you!

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