The Food Philosophy Behind the Desserts with Benefits Blog

Food Philosophy


Eat real.
Eat balanced.
Eat good quality.
Eat dessert!

(Yes, I saved the best for last)


It’s difficult to encapsulate my entire food philosophy in a short sentence or two, so I thought writing down a list of what I believe to be important for health, wellness, happiness and balance would be better.  So, here it is:

⭐︎ Eat real…  avoid artificial food coloring, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, genetically modified organisms, growth hormones, and the like.  Buy organic and non-GMO foods (did you know that everything really should be organic?  Man-made toxins didn’t exist until very recently)

⭐︎ Eat balanced…  prioritize vegetables, fruits and healthy desserts (though, beware of the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen)!  Ignore the fads and eat a balanced diet that is moderate in fat, carbohydrates, fiber and protein.

⭐︎ Eat good quality…  prioritize natural, organic, non-GMO, healthy and whole grain foods.

⭐︎ Eat dessert…  people associate the word “dessert” with butter, sugar, flour, and extra empty calories added to the day’s total — but not here on Desserts with Benefits™!  The healthy dessert recipes on this blog are wholesome and nutritious enough to eat on a daily basis without causing you to feel guilty ONE BIT.  I always keep healthy sweets on hand, like ice cream in the freezer, fudge in the fridge, fruit on the counter, etc.  Dessert can be as healthy as an apple, a stalk of celery, or an organic egg.  And it tastes 93458.5x better.


Those are my main guiding principles.


Over time, I gain more and more knowledge about the food industry and major corporations.  The following bullet points are my more recently found ethical standards:

⭐︎ Eat local…  support those small businesses!

⭐︎ Eat fair-trade…  the sugar industry, the chocolate industry, the coffee bean industry (and more) contribute to unfair wages, treatment, and slavery.  I’m not giving them any of my money!

⭐︎ Eat cage-free, grass-fed, wild-caught, ethically treated, and sustainable…  avoid rBST and rBGH, and corn-fed animal products.


⭐︎ I vow to use natural, wholesome ingredients (and in moderation)
⭐︎ I vow to use whole grain flours (no all purpose flour or white rice flour here!)
⭐︎ I vow to never use margarine and hydrogenated shortening
⭐︎ I vow to never use refined sugars (white + brown sugar, high-fructose corn syrup)
⭐︎ I vow to never use artificial food coloring



With love and good eats,


– Jess


3 comments on “Food Philosophy”

  1. Hi Jessica, As someone who has read quite a bit on nutrition over the past few years, I’m on board with your guiding principles for the most part, however I’d offer these recommendations:
    >Don’t be afraid of real butter that comes from grass-fed cows milk
    >Do avoid replacements for butter such as that substitute you use in your recent lemon bars post
    >Do avoid emulsifiers/stabilizers found in almost all commercially-made ice creams (and elsewhere); they disrupt the protecting mucosal lining in our guts
    >Do check out authority nutrition, started by an intelligent Icelandic guy named Kris Gunners, and…
    >Do keep learning about nutrition and try not to get frustrated by all the conflicting science out there!

    Nice site–keep up the good work!

  2. What else do u eat? For example in a day?

  3. Do u have any savoury recipes? 🙂

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