Strawberries and Cream — it’s sweet, it’s simple, it’s delicious…  so let’s turn it into an ice cream!  And why not make it healthy while we’re at it?  ;-)

This Healthy Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream is flavorful, creamy and rich, but without the egg yolks and refined white sugar.  It’s so good, you’d never know it’s low fat, low calorie, low carb, sugar free and high protein.


Healthy Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream (sugar free, low fat, low carb, high protein) - Desserts with Benefits

This bowl just needs one more thing

A spoon.

Healthy Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream (sugar free, low fat, low carb, high protein) - Desserts with Benefits

Get excited, because this 5-ingredient recipe is super easy to make…  and eat…


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Would you ever guess that these thick, soft and chewy Gluten-Free Lemon Sugar Cookies are healthy??  Well, all I know is that after one bite you sure won’t believe that they’re actually guilt-free and totally nutritious. These cookies are packed with fresh lemon flavor, but without the butter, sugar and refined white flour! These are THE cookies […]


This Healthy Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip is sweet, decadent and TOTALLY addictive!  Perfect for dipping everything you can imagine…  and I mean everything. From freshly sliced apples to chunks of ripe banana. From whole, juicy strawberries to whole grain graham crackers. From regular-sized spoons to giant soup ladles.  Ehem.   This dip is so thick, rich and creamy, you’d […]


Healthy Cheesecake Ice Cream — all the flavor of Cheesecake but in the form of Ice Cream, and without all the excess calories, fat and sugar! SO thick. SO rich. SO decadent. SO…  healthy? Oh yes. No white sugar added, no butter in sight, and no stovetop cooking required (so no need to whip out […]


This Healthy Homemade Sugar Free Strawberry Jam is sweet, spreadable and packed with fresh strawberries! Perfect in PB&J sandwiches. Delicious swirled into yogurt. Amazing spread onto a slice of Pound Cake. It’s so good, you’d never know it’s fat free, sugar free, low carb, gluten free and vegan! This recipe actually took quite a few trials to […]


Happy July 4th y’all! Now, get ready for the best red, white & blue dessert ever.  It’s a GIANT Red Velvet Microwave Cake topped with a delicious Cream Cheese Frosting and a sweet Blueberry Drizzle. The Red Velvet Cupcake is sweet, soft, and moist, it’s hard to believe it’s gluten-free, sugar-free, high-fiber and high-protein. The Cream Cheese Frosting is rich, creamy and […]


Guess what today is?!  Well, it’s obviously Healthy Red Velvet Waffle Day (you know, that should really be enforced into calendars nationwide), but it’s also the day of my first ever virtual potluck. Yes, you read that correctly…  Virtual. Potluck. I partnered up with Sarah from Fresh, Fit & Healthy and we’re both providing you with healthy patriotic […]


This Healthy Strawberry Cheesecake Dip is creamy, smooth, satisfying and jam-packed full of fresh strawberry puree — all the flavor of cheesecake but in the form of a dip!  Perfect for dipping whole grain graham crackers, juicy strawberries or fingers spoons alone. This dip is preeetty darn incredible.  It’s super simple, no-bake, and takes just a few […]


Healthy Coconut Cream Pie Overnight Dessert Oats — tastes like a slice of Coconut Cream Pie swirled into a bowl of oatmeal!  This decadent breakfast is the farthest thing from those heavily processed, boring packets of oats at the grocery store…  this has flavor, this has texture, this has truly healthy ingredients!  No refined sugars, no artificial flavorings, no […]


Guess what happened?  This Healthy Low Carb and Gluten Free Monkey Bread just happened! No sugar, no butter, no oil, no white flour…  no nasties whatsoever, yet it tastes OH. SO. GOOD. This Monkey Bread is soft, moist and sweet, it’s really hard to believe something that tastes this good could be so good for you.  It’s […]


This Healthy Matcha Green Tea Milkshake has all the flavor and texture of regular milkshakes but without all the calories, fat and sugar.  It’s thick, creamy, sweet and naturally green from the matcha green tea powder…  no ice cream, sugary syrups or artificial food coloring needed whatsoever. Oh, and it’s only 100 calories! *happy dance* If […]


Get ready for the creamiest, dreamiest, SO-freaking-addicting-how-could-this-possibly-be-good-for-me??-you-must-be-lying! ice cream recipe — this Healthy Hazelnut Mocha Ice Cream. With chocolate + hazelnuts (aka Nutella) + coffee, this is pretty much ice cream at it’s best. But then add some “healthy” into the equation and you’ve got a recipe for heaven.  The kind of heaven you can eat with a spoon. […]


These Healthy Homemade Gummy Bears are super chewy, sweet and addictive, just like the storebought stuff!  These (naturally) fruity Gummy Bears are fat free, sugar free and low carb…  no corn syrup or artificial flavorings whatsoever!  But don’t worry, you’d never know these are actually good for you, shhh! After making my Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks I knew […]


This Healthy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is creamy, sweet, fresh and minty…  and secretly good for you too!  You’d never know it’s all natural and high protein with no sugar added! Personally, I don’t like chocolate chips inside my ice cream.  They turn rock hard like little pebbles.  I prefer to top my ice cream with chocolate […]


This Healthy Homemade Sugar-Free Blueberry Syrup contains no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings or artificial food colorings, just pure blueberry goodness.  This low-calorie syrup is perfect with oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, smoothies and more! Thick, sweet and syrupy, this is oh so good… just like the store-bought syrups but without all the artificial ingredients. Instead […]


This Healthy Coconut Fudge is just like regular fudge — super rich, uber decadent and tooth-achingly sweet — but it’s secretly healthy and guilt-free!  Yup, that means no butter, no white sugar and no sweetened condensed milk…  just pure, fudgy coconutty goodness! You get all the real, natural coconut flavor from the coconut cream concentrate — no artificial food flavorings here!  Each little cube is like a piece of heaven. […]


I was craving cake all last week the other day but I wasn’t all into the idea of using the oven…  every time I use it the temperature in my apartment goes up 5 or more degrees (!!!), and it’s hot as *bleep* enough as it is.  So, I made a nice and creamy Healthy […]


This Healthy Coconut Frozen Yogurt is super smooth and creamy, incredibly flavorful and sweet, and secretly healthy and guilt-free.  So sweeten your day the healthy way, no need for the heavy cream, eggs, sugar and additives! Don’t you just wanna dig in?  The spoon is right there, grab it! Oh wait, there’s a screen is […]


This Healthy Strawberry Shortcake Milkshake is thick, rich, creamy, sweet and packed with fresh strawberry flavor…  you’d never know it’s totally guilt-free!  Secretly gluten free, sugar free, low fat, low calorie and high protein, this milkshake is healthy enough for breakfast but is sweet and decadent enough to be served as a dessert! Dessert in a smoothie?  Why […]


You know those packaged “Fruit Snacks” from the grocery store and vending machines?  With the shiny blue packages claiming they’re “Made With REAL Fruit” and “FAT FREE” and packed with vitamins and blah blah blah (when in reality it’s really just straight up corn syrup, sugar and artificial food coloring)?  Well, here’s a healthy homemade version…  and it’s […]