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69 comments on “Contact Me”

  1. I love your recipes!. Can you make a recipe for low carb/sugar free or low sugar candied yams with marshmallows recipe and a totally sugar free jello recipe. Most natural jello recipes have juice or fruit which still has a lot of sugar in it. I thought maybe putting in a Stevia or Xylitol drink instead of juice – any ideas?.

  2. Hi Jessica! I love your website. It’s so creative and I am excited to find new ways to eat healthy.
    Just was wondering where you purchase the majority of your pantry staples. I find it difficult to find healthy products lately.


    • dessertswithbenefits

      I buy nearly all of my ingredients online from,, and… It is so much cheaper than store-bought ingredients!

      • I am a diabetic, since March 2005. I will be 69 years old April 28th. I had a mild heart attack June 2, 2020. Wentcthru a Cardiac Rehab class of 35 sessions, 3 days a week at county hospital. I am in my 13 month at a Bootcamp Class at a local gym 4 days per week. On Feb 8th i started a nutrition program, counting cals, carbs, fats, protein & sugar. I am down 8.4 pounds. Taking it off slowly by design. I found you looking for a Hummingbird Cake Recipe. I joined up with you this AM. I Enjoy Your writing style mixing in some humor to make a point. I sm highly motivated. Thank you doing what you do Jessica.

  3. Jessica,

    Hello again! As I was searching the internet for new dessert recipes, I stumbled upon a bakery with a burnt almond cake (sounds like an accident 😉 ), but all the reviewers are raving about it. So, here is my wish: I wish for this amazing dessert to be healthy and maybe even gluten-free so that I can share it with my step-mother. I found the following recipe online and with the custard, powdered sugar, buttermilk, butter, eggs, flour, etc…I have no idea where to start the substitutions.

    Have a great day!!!

  4. Hi Jessica!
    Wow let me just say I absolutely love your blog. I also have a food blog and just began last spring in my second year at college. I just found you and have been looking through recipes like crazy..they are all so fun! Could you possibly look at my blog and let me know if you would like me to guest post for you? I would love to guest post or even let you feature a recipe of mine! Thanks in advance for your time.

    Sarah Grace

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I found your site through Pintrest and I really love it! A reader recommended one of your recipes for my recipe of the week section(with a link to your site)
    I’m contacting you to offer you a guest post on my website. I have been searching for a nutritional scientist that has a wide array of recipes and I love that you have vegan recipes. If you are interested & available to write a post it would just include the importance of a healthy balanced diet, what types of foods are best to eat and what times, (breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner) and any other relevant info you would like to include. Along with your post I would include a short bio about you, a link back to your site, and up to 3 photos if you wish. Current contributors of my site also add the link to their sites or through facebook. I started my facebook page so its still building but I have a regular number of readers on my site.
    Please let me know if you are interested, there is no expiration to this offer I am always looking for new contributirs.
    I look forward to speaking wit you,


    • Hi Sophia!
      Thanks, I’m so glad you found my site too! 🙂
      I haven’t done any guest posts before because it’s totally nerve-wracking to me, and I’m super busy with school and keeping up with the blog :/
      Also, I am not a Registered Dietician yet, however, there are plenty of other RD bloggers out there who you should contact for guest posts!
      Have a great week 🙂

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  7. I want to make your healthy maple syrup but don’t have Stevia in any form other than individual packets.  Any idea how many I would use when making your recipe? Could I use Splenda? I have it in several forms. 

  8. I was wondering if you have ever seen a comparison between using/making the vanilla extract (alcohol free) versus just grinding the bean and using it as a powder. Seems quicker and more to the point. I’ve seen the conversion 1/2 tsp powder vs. 1 tsp vanilla extract. Thanks! BTW, I studied Dietetics at Michigan State years ago. Never officially used the degree, but only in the last 8 years started going raw and that opened a whole new world they did not and I understand do not teach in academia. Just FYI. Nikkea

  9. I have a question, is the vanilla bean paste the “pulp” or the liquid.  I made it and then made the coffee sweetener, but my sweetener is very runny – definitely not something I would serve like honey.  It tastes good, but I feel like honey.  I did make mine with vegetable gycerin – so maybe that’s why.  The pulp part actually tastes pretty good, do you ever use that in anything?  Thanks!

    • The vanilla bean paste is the liquid that gets strained out from all the pureed pulp. I threw away the pulp but I’m sure you get use it to infuse vanilla flavor in coffee, tea, or any liquid of some sort. I’d probably place it into a nut milk bag so the fibers can’t get out, and leave it to soak a big batch of something for a little bit. Good idea, I should do that next time! 😀

  10. Ok so I have looked all over your blog and can’t find your guilt free pb fudge recipe…I bought all the ingredients and went to make it and can’t find the recipe.

  11. Hey, I found some recipes that you’re just gonna love! A black bean chocolate cake. Just substitute erithrytol, monkfruit in the raw, and brown rice syrup for the sugar and all is well.

  12. Hello,

    I want to ask what website you have used to count nutritious for your recipes?  

  13. I just read your personal Part ll Blog. It moved me to tears. This was a (fortunately rare) sad day for me for no reason (except no sun). Your story cheered me.You go girl!

  14. Hi Jessica!  I just want to take a few minutes to tell you that I love you, your blog and all your recipes!  I bought both of your books DIY protein bars and Naughty or Nice…thank you for those!  I absolutely love them…they are worth every penny paid!  I just want to Thank you for who you are and what you do..(a benefit for us readers) your way of baking is my way of baking and you are a wonderful teacher!…  I am always learning something new!  I will continue to enjoy your newsletters and recipes and buy every cookbook you offer and also value all your advise!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  Happy Healthy NewYear!  Debbie McGlynn P.S. I tried to email you… and and both came back as undelivable… so I made my contact here! 

  15. Hello Jessica! I appreciated your heartfelt personal Part II blog. I was unaware that you had a new book “Naughty or Nice” and purchased it as a way to “thank you” for all the hard work you put into your blog. I’m looking forward to receiving the book and can’t wait to get started with some recipes. Thank you again for all the hard work you do!

    • Hi Sandi!
      Thank you so much for reading through Part II of the series. I’ve been blogging for nearly FIVE years now, I thought I owed it to y’all (and myself) to be real and open.
      I truly appreciate you getting your own copy of my Naughty or Nice Cookbook!! I can’t wait for you to get it either 😉
      I hope you love all the recipes 😀
      Thanks so much for commenting Sandi, have an amazing weekend!

  16. Lee Vanderlin

    I would like to be able to search using number of calories.  If you could do that I would be able to search for the lowest-calorie desserts!

  17. can u give me an idea in yield on your sf cheescake ice cream pls

  18. kim steuernagel

    Would you please add me to your email list? I used to get your yummy recipes all the time and then they just stopped. I miss getting them. thank you, kim

  19. Lee Vanderlin

    Happy Blogisversary!!!!   Hope your latest book sells BIG TIME!!  It is wonderful
    and so are you!  Like your latest photo much better than the one on the first page……..
    consider trading?   The one on the front is just TOO, TOO  CUTESY!!!!  U are much
    better looking than that!

    Grandma Lee

  20. Lee Vanderlin

    In your Key Line Cheesecake, cal you tell me the purpose of the egg whites?  Thank you, Dear.      Grandma Lee

  21. Hey, Jessica!
    I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing work you do, you’ve made living a healthy lifestyle 100% more enjoyable! Your recipes definitely make it easier for me to make healthy choices.

    • Awww thank you SO SO much Cate! You have no idea what your comment means to me. I’ve been having such a hard time these last few weeks, your kind words put a much-needed smile on my face 😀
      You’re an angel! Thanks again Cate! Have an amazing week 🙂

  22. Love the Cherry Vanilla Chia Pudding. Can you tell me how many servings this makes? Need to figure it out for WWpoints.
    Thanks so much,

  23. What is your take on carob. I see no carob options on your site. Is it because you do not like it, or is it because it is not good for you? I ask because my dad cannot eat chocolate anymore…but he loves it. I cannot figure how to get carob to taste good, and I was wondering if you had any ideas. Thanks!

  24. Thank you!
    I am going to try the recipe! It appears you use less carob than you would chocolate.

  25. Hi Jess,
    I stumbled on your site while looking for healthy dessert potluck recipes! Love it! I recently started weight watchers and it’s all about calories, Sat. fats, fiber and sugar.
    Is there a way to find that information out with the recipes you post? WW does not care if it’s natural sugar (fruit, honey, agave) or refined, it counts as sugar and makes up the points value of the food you eat. Thanks!

    • Hi Danielle! I’m so glad you found my website and recipes 😀
      I don’t count WW points because I’m not entirely knowledgeable about that program, however I provide nutrition labels for the majority of my recipes (usually provided right below each recipe box)!

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well! I love your blog and you give great information!

    I work with Univex Corporation, a leading Manufacturer in the Bakery Industry and Would love if we could work together on an article being cross published for both parties!

  27. Hello Jessica, I’ve followed your blog for a long time. I love it 🙂5 stars

  28. Hi Jess,
    I stumbled onto your website while searching to make Homemade Vanilla Paste. My daughter, Rhonda with Hallstrom, posts recipes from time to time and she uses Vanilla Paste in her recipes. I goggled Vanilla Paste and found that most of the ones listed had sugar listed as the first ingredient which I didn’t want. I then goggled Homemade Vanilla Bean Paste and your website popped up…lucky me. I have printed out your recipe and I plan to make the paste and vanilla extract. My husband and I live on a farm in which we grow organic vegetables with the aim to produce, can, and eat our own products as much as possible. We really don’t eat much sweets as a rule. I was raised in the south. It was traditional to bake a homemade cake or pie every Saturday in preparation for Sunday company. I raised my family with that tradition of baking and cooking everything from scratch. I don’t bake much, but I do cook from scratch. I am looking forward to trying out your recipes with the knowledge that they will be wholesome instead of full of sugar or carbs. Thank you for taking the time and effort to post healthy recipes. Best Wishes to you on your journey of success!
    Warm Wishes,

    • Thank you so much Debbie! Glad you found my blog too! I think cooking and baking from scratch is a good habit to instill in the family. I grew up only knowing eating out and buying pre-made food, which isn’t the best and a difficult habit to get rid of. I hope you like the homemade vanilla extract and vanilla paste! They’re seriously game changers 🙂

  29. Elizabeth Wilhelm

    I will be making the lemon bars from your cookbook. You say to line the 8×8 pan with foil. I usually use parchment paper. My pan is glass. Will this matter?
    Thank you for all your recipes as I am sensitive to gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and cane sugar

  30. Hi, Jess. I sister pointed me to your blog some time ago in hopes of winning a vitamax blender. I didn’t but I did win a realization that I was eating too much sugar, that I wasn’t healthy, that I was likely a carbohydrate addict who would die younger than I had to because of it. Thank you for what you write. It does make a difference.

    I had a recipe request. Years ago I moved to the tropics; my wife and I started an orphanage on a small island in south-east Asia. It’s tropical, and for whatever reason, the tropics make menthol nice in a sweet. For example, Halls are sold in the candy section, not as medicine. The warm, sweet, mentholated lozenge just feels right when it’s this hot and this humid. Plus, with an orphanage, sore throats make the rounds often. Would you be willing to try your hand at a healthy, sugar-free dessert that’s menthol based? Preferably one that spends some time in your mouth (so the menthol can last longer)?

    You didn’t say you were taking requests, but everyone loves a good challenge 🙂

    Thank you, Jess,

    • Michael! I’m so glad you found my blog, so say thanks to your sis for me 😉
      I had the same exact realization years ago when I was in college and beginning my degree in Nutrition. Sugar is just so addicting!
      Also, kudos to you for starting an orphanage. You and your wife are angels <3
      I haven't made a hard candy before but I better give it a shot now, just for you two! I can't promise my attempts will be successful so that they can end up on the blog, but I will definitely try. Hard candies are for sure a challenge, especially without refined sugar or syrups. Stay tuned though! 🙂

  31. anonymoussweetlover

    Hi Jessica, I love your site and story! I’m 22 and I’ve been addicted to sugar(and food) since I was little. I was able to keep control of my weight (through not eating enough/doing crazy fad diets) until I graduated from high school, when I started working at a bakery. I was stupid to think I’d be able to deny myself all of the sweets I was forced to look at, handle, and smell all day long. I gained 75 pounds over the course of a year and I was constantly miserable because the sugar made me feel so sick. I quit that job for about a year and lost 40 pounds, but my new job had me surrounded by coworkers with negative attitudes, and scheduling was difficult.I was also frustrated because I couldn’t lose any more weight. I know now that even though I started my weight loss healthfully, I eventually began starving myself, sometimes only eating 500 calories a day. Even so, I felt empowered by my weight loss and so thought I would surely be able to avoid the sweets if I went back to my old job.
    Of course I was not able to, and eventually gained back all the weight +15 lbs, my current weight. Being a singer in college, my weight makes me very insecure when I have to be onstage/act. I also waste a large amount of money on vending machines, fast food, and junk food at the grocery store. All I think about is food to the point where I feel hopeless and crazy sometimes. I currently work that bakery job once a week as I go to school during the week. Because I’m a musician with an uncertain schedule, I am frustrated with trying to find a different job again, and scared of encountering coworkers with negative attitudes again, as all my other job experiences included that. So there is my crazy story, way longer than I meant to write, sorry! But I kind of can relate to your story because I had the most success and felt healthiest and happiest when I was on a sugar free whole foods diet. I just started a sugar free diet again two days ago and am on a job search, but last night gorged on Christmas cookies because they were lying around. So anyway!! 🙂 I was wondering if you might have any helpful advice and tips on how you weaned yourself off of sugar and currently stay away from it. Of course your site will be so helpful to me also, can’t wait to get baking! On a different note, do you have any suggestions for which erythritol to buy? I currently use Lakanto which tastes very good but is also expensive! Are there any you know of that don’t have as much of a cool minty aftertaste? Sorry for writing this long book! Thanks so much and lots of love!! <3

    • Awww thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment 🙂 <3
      I feel like we had such a similar upbringing with loving sweets and gaining weight from working in a food establishment. I know for a fact that if I worked at that pretzel joint any longer, I'd continue to gain weight. Even now, sometimes I feel like all I think about is food (I mean, partially because it's my job but also partially because I love it so much), so when I feel that way I know it's just my mind thinking about food, not my body. If I'm eating PLENTY, then my body isn't in any "need" for extra calories. Sometimes all I need to do is get out of the house and get a change of scenery. I'll walk my dog or go to the gym, or do something for myself like get my nails done. It's important to know your body and what makes you feel like eating more. For me, that's anything with sugar. Sure, I'll get ice cream and donuts sometimes, but even after eating a normal serving size my body is like, GIMME GIMME GIMME MORE! So I find healthier options that don't sacrifice flavor. My go-to is ice cream. My favorite brand is Enlightened, and they have two flavors that don't have added sugar: coffee and chocolate. My next favorite brand is Halo Top, which contains sugar, but a small-ish amount. I always eat the whole pint and actually feel satisfied after, I don't feel like eating three more pints (like I would if I ate Ben & Jerry's).
      I also like to drink Zevia (it's a natural sugar free soda). You get the sweet taste and carbonation (love the texture and how it's so filling!), which is great when you're thinking about food but aren't technically hungry 😉
      At some point in my journey I realized avoiding sweets was terrible for my mindset. I love dessert and that's nothing to be ashamed of. When I tried cutting out all sweets I'd binge whenever brownies or treats were around. So I thought, well, if I eat a healthy homemade dessert every single day, I won't feel out of control when I come face to face with sweets. So I started baking using whole grains and less sugar. I ALWAYS made sure to have a healthy sweet on hand because if I didn't, I would reach for something unhealthy. And it worked! Almost every day I start with something sweet -- this week has been my Banana Bread. I only have 2 slices left so next I'll probably make my Peanut Butter Cookies next. I also LOVE plain Greek yogurt with a little bit of English toffee stevia extract mixed in. Danon's triple zero vanilla yogurt is also a good substitute. It's sweet without the sugar!
      Sorry for writing an essay back to you 😉 but I wanted to say congrats on starting your sugar free Whole Foods diet AND searching for a new job!
      I haven't tried Lakanto but have heard good things. The cooling effect is just something that happens with erythritol, you can't avoid it. I currently use Now's granulated erythritol and Swerve's powdered erythritol. Grocery stores mark up their prices so I buy it in multi-packs from Amazon because it's more cost-effective. Hope this helps!! <3

  32. Don’t know what or where to get most of these ingredients

  33. Hi Jessica,
    I just got your book a few days ago and I’ve already made the “almond butter protein bar” recipe. They taste great but I would like them to be a bit more dense and compact. It’s currently a bit light and fluffy. How can I make the bars come out more dense? Is it true that polydextrose might help with this?
    Thank you,

    • Awww thank you so much Mateo!! So glad you got my book 🙂
      Did you make any ingredient substitutions or omit any ingredients? I felt like my protein bars are pretty dense, similar to cookie dough. I’ve never used polydextrose so I can’t be sure… I suppose you can try using more nut butter and less milk? Hopefully that works out for ya!

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  35. Hello,

    I came across your site because I have been making so many bars like yours. Are your bars for sale in the US in cafes or coffee shops?
    Have you heard of the online blog That is another no bake book I came across- maybe you are friends with that site also.

  36. Hi,

    I just discovered your site. Can’t wait to try your amazing looking recipe for the healthy carrot cake and pb dip. I also make a healthy pb dip. It’s just natural pb with yogurt and stevia.
    I was wondering if you could make a generic recipe for fruit crumble bars, something with fruit or fruit spread in the middle?

  37. Hi Jessica,
    I recently found your blog and am excited to try the recipes on your site. If the baked items taste as good as the pictures look, I think I will have found my happy place.
    You may have gathered I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and after being diagnosed as border-line diabetic, I’ve been in search of a website that can show me how to bake with less sugar, but without sacrificing flavor/taste.
    I notice that you use a variety of sugar substitutes in your baking, which I will likely add to my pantry at some point. However, following my diagnosis, I unthinkingly went and bought a bunch of Splenda sugars (in preparation), so that I now feel I must use them up before I can justify purchasing other brands.
    For this reason, I was wondering if you could tell me if what I have on hand would make satisfactory substitutes for the products you use (I know it won’t be exactly the same) and could you help me equate the sugar substitutes I have with some of the sweeteners that are used in your recipes.
    Here are the Splenda items currently in my pantry: Splenda Granulated; Splenda Sugar Blend; Splenda Brown Sugar Blend.
    Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated as I truly hate to be wasteful, and am so looking forward to making your baked goods.

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  39. Hello,

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  40. Hello I found your site when looking for protein bar recipes. Many recipes I want to try say don’t use whey/egg/casein proteins. My favorite brand is Designer Protein and they have a pea/brown rice protein powder. Is this okay for the recipes or does the protein powder need to be a full brown rice protein powder?

    • It depends on the recipe, but just note that not all protein powders are interchangeable! I’ve ruined so many recipes by using the wrong type of protein powder lol, so if a recipe calls for rice protein, use rice protein. And if a recipe calls for whey, use whey 🙂

  41. Hi. I’ve just found you and I’m so excited to see more. The blood orange bars specifies a base that I only get an error404 from the link. I’m in Australia and have never heard of that product. Do you know what I could do here please? I can’t wait to try them.

  42. Hello Jessica,
    My grandaughter needs to take medication that suppresses her appetite. I want to make these high protein bars in your recipe book. I cannot find the Sunwarrior organic brown rice protein powder. The supplement stores here in my area– Seattle WA – say they are out of stock (online). Do you know where I can get these powders to make your recipes successfully? Thank you . Terri

  43. This is Anita Wood I been trying to do banana and blueberries to lose weight and I am having one right now and I love smoothies and don’t have a website

  44. I love the recipe, I made a similar one using veg glycerin and did not strain it. I put in a mason jar and stored in the fridge and used it without straining and did not mind the pulp. I actually really liked the extra pulp on my oatmeal and in stir fry, and other recipes. Is it o.k. not to strain it if you do not mind the pulp?

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