White Chocolate Sunflower Sesame Quinoa Energy Bites

Healthy White Chocolate Sunflower Sesame Quinoa Energy Bites

Healthy White Chocolate Sunflower Sesame Quinoa Energy Bites — they’re rich, flavorful, delicious and super easy to make…  no baking required!  Plus, they’re refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and vegan too!

You can find the recipe here on my friend Katerina’s blog, Sincerely Katerina.  I first “met” Katerina on Instagram what seems like foreverago.  She always commented such nice and funny things, so I started following her too and OHMYGOSH…  her food photography beats mine in a heartbeat, and her captions are literally the best.  Her Instagram account makes me totally jelly (aka jealous).  Now I’m in the mood for a Peanut Butter & Jelly…  aaaanyways, go check her out because she’s awesome  😀


Click Here for the Recipe!


This is my first guest post ever, so it’s pretty much a big deal  😉

Okay, not really I guess, but for me it is.  Hope you like the recipe!

Healthy White Chocolate Sunflower Sesame Quinoa Energy Bites (no bake, refined sugar free, gluten free, vegan) - Desserts with Benefits


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8 comments on “Healthy White Chocolate Sunflower Sesame Quinoa Energy Bites”

  1. CANNOT wait for the cookbook! Congratulations 🙂 and these look amazing!

    • Cassie-
      Awww thanks so much Cassie! I can’t wait to be FINISHED with it! I’ve worked on it nonstop over the last couple of months… my kitchen is like a little dessert factory (that’s not a problem though 😉 )
      I hope you like the recipe 😀


    Thank you so much for this. Seriously I appreciate it to such an extreme, you make me smile x1,000. 

    First off, 1) I am so excited for your cookbook because you are an evil dessert mastermind and I can’t wait to cry over your (shockingly healthy) delicious concoctions. 

    2) I’m beyond jealous you’re now living in Texas! That has to be the coolest thing. Pretty much every other state seems incredible because i’m from Jersey which is the lamest state ever but I hope you’re loving it there and soaking up the sun!!

    3) I seriously hope one day I can build my blog up to the incredible-ness that yours is. I’m really not joking when I say it’s layed out SO well, all of the recipes are gods gifts to earth, and you’re a sweetpea which makes it even cooler. Thanks for always giving me inspo and something to strive for. You kick butt, keep it up!

    Thanks again for being lovely,
    -Katerina 🙂

    • Katerina-
      No Katerina, YOU ARE THE ANGEL!
      And I’m not gonna lie, Texas is preeeetty darn kewl. Even though I’ve never been to NJ, don’t worry, I know what you mean. I was in Connecticut… another state in club loserville 😉
      I can’t wait to see what other desserts you craft up. As well as your IG captions 😀

  3. Welcome to Texas! It is awesome! What city are you in? Im in central Houston and love healthy desserts, plus know a thing or two about cool things to do in the city 😉 Let me know if you’re ever around these parts! 

  4. The link for the recipe does not work…

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