Healthy Raspberry Lemon Blondie Wedges

Healthy Raspberry Blondies with Pink Frosting

I really hope you’re not tired of my fruity blondie recipes.  I gave you fair warnings that I am addicted.  Let’s see, how many flavors did I make so far?  First I made the Lemony Peach Blondies, then I made the Blueberry Muffin Blondies, and just recently I made the Strawberry Blondies.

All delicious.  All sweet.  And obviously, all incredibly addicting.

Healthy Raspberry Blondies with Pink Frosting

I baked these blondies in a cake pan rather than a brownie pan because I thought blondie wedges would be a nice little change from the typical squares (not really, I was just too lazy to wash my brownie pan).  They were surprisingly elegant and much easier to handle, it’s like a little dessert pizza!  And don’t worry, you can’t taste the beets the “secret ingredient” at all.  These blondies are super sweet and full of fresh fruit flavors, just without the refined sugar, artificial flavorings and food coloring… enjoy!

8 wedges

Healthy Raspberry Lemon Blondie Wedges with Pink Frosting



  • 1 cup Fresh Raspberry Puree*
  • ½ cup Beet Puree (I drained then pureed one 15oz can of sliced beets)
  • 96g (½ cup) Granulated Erythritol (or dry sweetener of choice)
  • 28g (2 tbs) Coconut Oil, liquid (or any other neutral oil)
  • 1 tbs Organic Lemon Zest (you can use more if you want more lemon flavor)
  • ¾ tsp Stevia Extract
  • 160g (1 cup) Brown Rice Flour
  • 120g (1 cup) Oat Flour
  • ¾ tsp Xanthan Gum
  • ½ tsp Baking Powder
  • ½ tsp Salt
Frosting Option #1: Beet Frosting
  • 1 tbs Beet Puree (reserved from puree made for blondies)
  • 2-4 tsp Lemon Juice
  • 1 tsp Beet Juice (reserved from the canned beets)
  • 120g (1 cup) Powdered Erythritol
Frosting Option #2: Raspberry Frosting
  • 130g (~1 cup) Powdered Erythritol
  • ¼ cup Fresh Raspberry Puree
  • 6 tsp Freeze-Dried Raspberry Powder (process freeze-dried raspberries in food processor)


For the Blondies:
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and grease a 9" cake pan (or 9" brownie pan) with oil, set aside.
  2. Rinse the raspberries and puree in a blender until smooth. Measure 1 cup and add to a large mixing bowl.
  3. Puree the beets (no need to wash the blender) and measure 1/2 cup (this was about half of a 15oz can of beets for me) and pour into the raspberry puree.
  4. Whisk the erythritol, oil, zest and stevia into the raspberry/beet puree.
  5. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, whisk together the brown rice flour, oat flour, xanthan gum, baking powder and salt. Dump into the wet ingredients and fold together (dough should be thick and sticky like pink frosting).
  6. Scoop batter into the prepared pan and spread to the edges. Bake for ~41 minutes, or until the edges pull away from the sides.
  7. Let blondies cool in the pan for 20 minutes, then flip over onto a wire cooling rack.
For the Frosting:
  1. Mix all the ingredients together and spread onto blondies. Refrigerate for 10 minutes then slice.


*I used about 90% of a 12oz package of raspberries to make a little more than 1 cup of puree. Feel free to strain the seeds from the puree if they are bothersome to you or those you are serving. I didn't have a fine-mesh strainer on hand, but I really skipped this step because I have no patience 😀

Healthy Dessert Blog - Raspberry Blondies with Pink Frosting

One bite of these blondies and you’ll feel like you’re cheating on your diet, when really you’re eating pure whole grains, healthy raspberries and a sneaky veggie!

Healthy Raspberry Blondies with Pink Frosting

I’m sorry to say (not really) that this isn’t my last blondie recipe…

18 comments on “Healthy Raspberry Lemon Blondie Wedges

  1. That looks amazing!! Great photos … I think I need to try this myself 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. beet puree wow, that must give it alot of colour.

  3. This is the prettiest dessert I’ve seen in a long time!

    P.s. Keep the blondie recipes coming!

  4. these look awesome and i love your objective. good luck.

  5. It looks so nice and so sweet !!

  6. These look so beautiful and I love the intense color and the contrast between the centers and the frosting… So tasty. I’m featuring this post in today’s Food Fetish Friday (with a link-back and attribution). I hope you have no objections and thanks for sharing such amazing creations…

  7. loved your post as you know. featured it too in my friday five – see link –

  8. That’s great, I never thought about Nostradamus in the OR

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  10. These look amazing! I have a question, since I don’t care about having them sugar free, and also I don’t have easy access to the artificial sweeteners, can I just replace it with any form of sugar in both the blondie itself and the frosting?

    • Marubi-
      Erythritol and stevia are actually natural sweeteners, not artificial 😀
      But, if you’d like to use regular granulated sugar and powdered sugar instead, go for it! You can replace erythritol at a 1:1 ratio… If you want to substitute the stevia, I would recommend using 1 cup of sugar in the blondies. I hope you like the recipe!

  11. I know stevia is extracted from a plant, but there seem to still be some concerns about its safety… and erythritol is produced industrially from sugar (starting with corn starch) so I’m not sure about how natural it really is, plus it has been shown to work as an insecticide… Though yes, it’s supposed to be safe for humans.
    But like I said, I don’t have to worry about making them sugar-free. So thanks for the info about the replacement ratio 🙂 I will try them next time there’s an occasion for dessert making and I’m sure they will be delicious 🙂

  12. Can I use double the oat flour instead of the brown rice flour?

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