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  2. I made these quinoa chocolate crackers and they were very good. I did use sucanat instead of the sweetner you used.5 stars

  3. I made these yesterday and just wow are they ever fabulous. Just so so good. As in 4/9 are gone haha–and I don’t even feel bad about it 😉

    Minor things I did differently: used a mix of oat and brown rice flour (out of laziness to grind another 30g of oat flour), agave and canola oil in lieu of molasses and walnut oil (what I had on hand), felt ambitious/bored and skinned my chickpeas (having heard that skinned chickpeas = silky hummus, I figured it couldn’t hurt), and added 7 drops of vanilla stevia + some caramel and sugar cookie flavour drops, in addition to butter flavour drops.5 stars

  4. I use NuNaturals vanilla stevia (buy it off of iHerb) however, NOW foods is doing major discounted pricing on their new flavoured stevias on iHerb right now ( I’m waiting for the coconut and cinnamon vanilla varieties to arrive 😉
    The flavour drops I use are Capella brand however most of them are either artificial or a blend of natural and artificial flavours, carried in propylene glycol and alcohol. I personally am fine with this given my research into propylene glycol, as well as the fact that ten drops in a full batch of blondies is more than enough–but it’s a personal choice. They’re all on sale on the Capella website right now (, and while they’re a fairly pricy initial investment, like I mentioned a few drops is realllly potent. I love them in yogurt, microwave cakes, tea, coffee, smoothies, etc.

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  6. These look absolutely delicious! definitely on my list of Things to Make! I loved your healthy cookie dough brownies 🙂

    P.S. not trying to tell you how to run your blog or anything, but i think you should put nutrition info on your recipes 🙂

  7. there are a lot of recipes in here including the ricekrispie treats and I know that I can’t make those because I can’t have rice, but your oxymoron chubby hubby protein bars sounded good, but you call for some kind of rice powder and wondered if there were another protein powder that did not have rice in it that I could use? Thank you

  8. Wow, thats pretty amazing it shows how dedicated you are to bring us healthy food! What do you do for things that don’t come with a nutrition label such as spices or fresh fruit?

  9. Hello again, I made your fortune cookies and pumpkin blondies and I’ve made a lot of your no bake recipes. And I have to say I like the no bake a lot better the blondies and fortune cookies. The bake recipes had a slight weird sweet floury taste, I didn’t mind it but it was kind of weird. When I smelled my brown rice flour and put it in the recipes is smelled just like the odd taste I was having. So I was wondering if I can substitute another flour for the brown rice flour in your recipes or if there is any was to mask that taste. I don’t think the brand is the problem because its bob’s red mills.

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