Healthy DIY Sugar Cubes

Zero Calorie DIY Sugar Cubes

Sugar-Free Homemade Sugar Cubes

5 minutes

5 minutes

Yield: 90 sugar cubes

Serving Size: 3 sugar cubes



Sugar-Free Homemade Sugar Cubes



  1. Add the erythritol to a bowl and add 1 tsp of water at a time, stirring between each addition, until it looks like wet sand/shaved ice/damp snow.
  2. Press the mixture into this mini ice cube mold (I put my hand inside a plastic sandwich bag and used it to compress the "sugar" mixture)
  3. Place a sheet of foil onto a cookie sheet and place over the filled ice cube mold. Compress the two together and flip it carefully, making sure to keep the mold intact with the cookie sheet.
  4. Use a firm object to tap on the mold to loosen the cubes and keep one hand on the mold to absorb some of the shock and avoid ruining the sugar cubes. Let dry/harden overnight and do not touch! They'll be ready to use in the morning!


This recipe is: fat free, sugar free, low carb, gluten free, vegan!

PREPARE YOURSELVES for the most shocking nutrition label comparison ever:
DIY Sugar Cubes - healthy dessert blog  DIY Sugar Cubes - healthy dessert blog
Yeahhhh, for an ENTIRE BATCH of sugar cubes that taste exactly the same as the storebought brand, the Desserts with Benefits version has 860 less calories and no sugar (and that means no sugar rush and crash)!
Let’s say you use three cubes in your coffee…  that’s 1.3 calories (compared to 30 calories of pure sugar).  I WIN, mwahaha  🙂
These DIY Sugar Cubes are definitely the better choice for coffees, teas, hot chocolate and other warm beverages.  Sweeten your day the guilt-free way  🙂
Zero Calorie DIY Sugar Cubes
I think I am going to package these into cute little jars (as seen in the first photo) and give them away as gifts for the holidays…  maybe along with some Healthy Homemade Gingersnaps!

8 comments on “Healthy DIY Sugar Cubes

  1. Do you leave the mold on them until they harden or do you remove it right away?

    Thank you for another great recipe!!

    • Sarah-
      After I flipped the sugar cubes over onto the sheet of foil I kept the tray over the sugar cubes. Leave it like that overnight. If you live with other people or if you are forgetful (like me) write on a sticky note saying, “DO NOT TOUCH!” and place it near the tray to make sure the cubes survive through the night 😉

  2. DO you think this can be done with granulated splenda or the splenda sugar blend?

    • Anya James-
      Hmmm, I haven’t tried using splenda in this recipe so I can’t be sure. I did some research on the two types of splenda you mentioned. The granulated splenda might work, but the texture of the product is different than erythritol/xylitol so the amount of water you need may vary. The splenda sugar blend is a mixture of both sugar and splenda and is 2x as sweet as regular sugar… this means that your sugar cubes will be super sweet. If you usually use 4 sugar cubes you’ll only need 2. The splenda sugar blend does contain sugar though, so the sugar cubes will no longer be sugar-free.
      Good luck!!

  3. Oh my gosh this is so so cool. I can’t get over it! You are so awesome.

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  5. Can you use this recipe with Granulated Sugar instead of the Granulated Erythritol?

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