Healthy Homemade Paydayz

Get ready for the easiest, fastest, healthiest candy bar you will ever eat!

Healthy Homemade Paydays

Healthy Homemade Paydays.  Basically, a strip of ooey, gooey, chewy, sweet and buttery caramel coated in crunchy, rich peanuts.

Healthy Homemade Paydays (all natural, low sugar, gluten free, vegan)

Yield: 12 Paydays

Healthy Homemade Paydays (all natural, low sugar, gluten free, vegan)



  1. Fill the candy bar molds with a single layer of peanuts (try to avoid overlapping)
  2. Press the caramels into the mold over the peanuts.
  3. Press remaining peanuts into the caramel. Refrigerate 2+ hours.
  4. Remove the Paydays from the mold and press on extra peanuts if needed to cover any caramel. They are ready to gobble up!


I stored my Paydays in a sealed container in the fridge.

This recipe is: no bake, low sugar, gluten free, vegan!

I decided to compare my Healthy Homemade Payday nutrition label with the storebought stuff.  I made my Paydays in a candy bar mold so they aren’t as large as the ones you would buy at the store, so I am comparing my Homemade Paydays with the snack-size Paydays.  The original Paydays are on the left, my homemade Paydays are on the right:

Payday Nutrition Label  Homemade Payday Nutrition Label

The snack size Paydays are smaller than the homemade Paydays and have more calories, fat, carbs and sugar!  So make these amazing candy bars at home for only 60 calories a piece… you can have two (or three?) now!

Healthy Homemade Paydays

7 comments on “Healthy Homemade Paydayz

  1. So weird that you made this because I have an idea for something SO similar! I promise when I make mine, I am not copying you! 🙂

  2. Mad this recipe with some of the soft caramels recipe I made last night, but I used roasted salted peanuts as I crave sweet salty treats! Wonderful lower calorie treat to have on hand to quench those cravings!

  3. Carolyn- Yay! Can’t wait to see your recipe 🙂

    Laura- I’m glad you liked the recipe! Salted peanuts sounds delicious 🙂

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  5. hi there is there a cost to get your reciepes as i love them

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