Homemade Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

Healthy Chocolate Frozen Yogurt?  For real?!

Homemade Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

After making Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt I knew I had to make a chocolate version, especially knowing how healthy you can make it at home.  I wish Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s had a healthy frozen yogurt buuuut they don’t.  They might be low in fat but they sure aren’t low in sugar and calories!

Homemade Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

This Healthy Chocolate Frozen Yogurt is low carb, low fat, sugar free and high protein, but it sure doesn’t taste like it!  This fro yo is incredibly rich and perfectly sweet.  It has a tangy flavor from the yogurt (some people thought it was chocolate cheesecake batter ice cream!) and an uber creamy texture.  You’ve got to make a batch ASAP  :)

Healthy Chocolate Frozen Yogurt (low fat, low carb, high protein)

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 4+1/2 cups

Calories per serving: 100

Fat per serving: 1g

Healthy Chocolate Frozen Yogurt (low fat, low carb, high protein)



  1. Freeze an ice cream maker bowl for 24+ hours (I used Cuisinart).
  2. Add the yogurt, vodka, vanilla paste and extracts to a stand mixer with whisk attachment. Whisk on low.
  3. In a small, whisk together the cocoa powder, xanthan gum, baking soda and salt. Slowly add this to the mixing stand mixer. Once all incorporated, whip batter on medium/high speed for 20-30 seconds. Remove the whisk from the stand mixer and place inside the bowl with the yogurt.
  4. Freeze the bowl for 1 hour.
  5. Reattach whisk to stand mixer and whip batter again for 20-30 seconds. Scrape down the sides of the bowl with a spatula and whip batter one last time for 20-30 seconds.
  6. Turn ice cream machine on and scoop the batter into the spinning ice cream bowl. Place a loaf pan in the freezer. Churn for 10-12 minutes.
  7. Take the loaf pan out of the freezer and scoop the ice cream inside. Return the pan to the freezer for 1.5-2 hours, then serve!


This recipe is: eggless, sugar free, low fat, high protein, gluten free!


Homemade Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

I thought I would make nutrition labels for my healthy Chocolate Frozen Yogurt recipe and Stonyfield’s Chocolate Frozen Yogurt and compare them.  The Stonyfield label is on the left,  the DWB label is on the right:

healthy dessert blog  healthy dessert blog

As you can see, there isn’t a very big difference between the nutrition labels, but there is a big difference in the ingredients used and the sugar and protein content!  My recipe uses stevia as a sweetener while Stonyfield uses sugar and rice syrup.  My frozen yogurt has 10g less carbs, 12g less sugar and 6g more protein.

I’ll take a bite now please.

Homemade Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

Look at the creaminess!

Labels: Chocolate, Eggless, Gluten-Free, High-Protein, Ice-Cream-and-Fro-Yo, Liqueur, Low-Carb, Low-Fat, No-Bake, Nutrition-Label, Sugar-Free, Yogurt

Comments (23)

  1. Lou: August 1, 2013

    LOVE the sugar and protein stats on this ice cream. AHHHH Just another reason I need to put my ice cream maker bowl into the freezer! I keep forgetting!

  2. Lou: August 1, 2013

    Oh, quick question. If I use regular vodka, will it have an alcohol taste?

  3. dessertswithbenefits: August 1, 2013

    Thanks Lou! I hope you get to try the recipe out. You don’t taste the vodka, it’s just there to keep the ice cream soft as alcohol doesn’t freeze :)

  4. Audra: August 1, 2013

    Do you think another yogurt could be used in replace of cow’s milk? Sheep?

  5. dessertswithbenefits: August 1, 2013

    I haven’t tried using other yogurts, but as long as it is thick and the water content isn’t too high it should work just fine!

  6. Erika: August 1, 2013

    Yum! This is EXACTLY what I want to make as soon as I’m off this detox! Is the xanthan gum necessary in this recipe? Are there any subs or can I leave it out?

  7. This frozen yogurt looks great! I may just have to buy myself an ice cream machine and try it!

  8. dessertswithbenefits: August 1, 2013

    An ice cream maker is definitely a smart investment. I love mine, I use Cuisinart. You end up saving a ton of money by making your own ice cream/fro yo, and you save your body from all the unhealthy storebought ice creams filled with sugar, oils and artificial flavorings. Plus, you can always have a healthy guilt-free treat on hand when it’s hot out or when you’re simply hungry :)
    Fro yo = LOVE

  9. Consuelo @ Honey & Figs: August 1, 2013

    If there’s something better tha ice-cream it has to be frozen yogurt. Better than, that, healthy frozen yogurt.
    I can’t believe how creamy yours look, so luscious and decadent that I could eat the whole bowl right now… although I don’t think that’s a problem because the nutrition label is flawless. What’s not to love about this stuff??? I’ll try it really soon, thanks for sharing the recipe x

  10. dessertswithbenefits: August 1, 2013

    I know! I couldn’t believe the nutrition label myself, I had to double check it. Second (and third) servings are welcome when it comes to this fro yo :)

  11. Daphne: August 6, 2013

    Just found your site and I’m obsessed! Can’t wait to try out this recipe.

    Is there something I could use in place of vodka? I’m not 21 and don’t live with anyone older so I can’t buy alcohol just yet.

  12. Ashley: April 23, 2014

    Just wondering if guar gum would work instead of xanthan gum? :)

  13. dessertswithbenefits: April 23, 2014

    I don’t have any experience with guar gum so I can’t be sure, but from what I hear, guar gum is very similar to xanthan gum.
    I did some research and I found that xanthan gum helps trap air in mixtures, and incorporating air into fro yo helps keep the texture smooth and light. I would recommend whipping the fro yo batter for double the time stated in the recipe to incorporate air into the mixture.
    Hope you like the fro yo!

  14. Jenni: July 18, 2014

    I’ve found it difficult to create a frozen yogurt that comes close to store-bought froyo in terms of taste and texture, but… this recipe is IT. It tastes incredibly rich (despite using *nonfat* Greek yogurt), and I can eat it straight from the freezer (i.e., without thawing). The richness makes it extremely satiating, so you don’t need to eat multiple servings to feel satisfied.

    Thanks for the excellent recipe. :) I followed the recipe exactly, using Hershey’s “Special Dark” cocoa powder and Cinnabon vodka (as you’ve mentioned above, you can’t taste the vodka). No more store-bought froyo for me XD

  15. dessertswithbenefits: July 18, 2014

    OH MY GOSH YAYAYAY!! I’m so glad you like the Chocolate Frozen Yogurt :)
    Great idea with the Cinnabon vodka… even if you did end up tasting it, it would kind of be like a Mexican Chocolate Fro Yo!
    Mmmmm *drools*
    Thanks for letting me know how the recipe turned out for you!

  16. Tes: August 26, 2014

    This recipe holds an incredible promise for making perfect smoothies for someone on a high protein low carb diet. I need a substitute for the vodka, however. Any suggestions?

  17. dessertswithbenefits: August 28, 2014

    There isn’t really a good substitute for the vodka because it helps prevent the fro yo from forming ice crystals. If you must omit it, I would recommend replacing it with more Greek yogurt. When you want to serve it, you’ll need to thaw it in the refrigerator overnight or leave it on the counter for 30 minutes to an hour.
    I hope you like the fro yo!

  18. CynthJewel: November 15, 2014

    I just made this tonight. I love it! It was very creamy, same texture as ice cream. My husband liked the texture, but not the taste. He can taste the stevia. I didn’t use the brand you used in this recipe. I used Now Better Stevia Liquid Sweetener. I also used Trader Joe’s Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract. I didn’t have Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka, but I used Vanilla Bean Vodka. I also added 1/3 teaspoon of guar gum to thicken the cream.

    Some people don’t like the aftertaste of stevia so I’ll try maple syrup, agave nectar or even Medjool dates next time.

    Overall, I like this Fro Yo. It’s low in fat, sugar free & high protein!! And has vodka! That’s extra points!

  19. CynthJewel-
    YAY I’m so glad you liked the recipe! :D
    I’m sorry your husband didn’t like it though :(
    I’ve never tried using Now Better stevia before. I’ve only had good experiences with SweetLeaf and NuNaturals. Good idea with the maple syrup, agave and dates. YUM!
    Thanks for letting me know how it turned out for you :)

  20. Audrey: February 8, 2015

    Could you use a different kind of alcohol, perhaps kahlua or orange liquor or does it have to be vodka?

  21. Audrey-
    Any alcohol should work! Kahlua sounds AWESOME, what a great idea! I’m not a fan of chocolate and orange together, but if you like it you can try using the orange liquor. Most alcohols don’t really contribute much flavor overall, but the orange one might.
    I hope you like the recipe :)

  22. Audrey: February 9, 2015

    The bowl of my ice cream maker has a lid, do I need to transfer it to a loaf pan?

  23. Audrey-
    I’m not sure what brand you have but the ice cream makers I had/have (Cuisinart and KitchenAid), the instructions say to transfer the ice cream to a freezer-safe container after churning. I usually use a glass container or large loaf pan :)

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