Healthy Sugar-Cookie Cookie Dough

Healthy Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough - Desserts with Benefits
What’s the best part of a sugar cookie?
Healthy Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough - Desserts with Benefits  Healthy Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough - Desserts with Benefits
Is it the pound of sugar, the abundance of butter, or the bleached, processed flour?
Healthy Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough - Desserts with Benefits
If you couldn’t tell by my negative diction, none of those ingredients are the best part of a sugar cookie!
So, what is the best part?
Healthy Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough - Desserts with Benefits
The flavor, of course!
Which, might I add, is captured perfectly in this healthified cookie dough!  I made this not expecting much in flavor, but boy was I wrong!  One bite and my eyebrows rose, my eyes lit open, my smile widened…  and hastily, I snatched myself another spoonful.
Healthy Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough - Desserts with Benefits
And the texture?  Exactly like cookie dough!  I’m still in shock.  I truly didn’t think this would be a hit.  Oh yeah, it was a hit.  I shared it with my college roomies and they all loved it.  But shhh!  I didn’t tell them it had chickpeas in it  😉
Healthy Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough - Desserts with Benefits
Sugar-Cookie, Cookie Dough

Yield: 4-6 servings



  1. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, add the dry ingredients and mix, set aside.
  2. In a blender, puree the wet ingredients (make sure you rinse the beans very well, as this cookie dough doesn't have other flavorings like peanut butter, chocolate or butterscotch to mask the flavor). Scoop over the dry ingredients and fold together. And you're done!


Refrigerating the cookie dough overnight provides the best texture, but of course, a couple spoonfuls of fresh cookie dough never hurts 😉

This recipe is: eggless, sugar free, low fat, high fiber, high protein, gluten free, vegan!
Healthy Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough - Desserts with Benefits
To me, 1/2 cup serving size doesn’t sound like much, but because this is so high-fiber and high-protein (not to mention, low-glycemic!), 1/2 cup is plenty.  This filled me up for four whole hours–a pretty good time for my insanely hyperactive metabolism!
Healthy Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough - Desserts with Benefits
Oh, the anticipation is killing me!
Healthy Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough - Desserts with Benefits
The aftermath of food photography.  Actually, that was just the beginning

16 comments on “Healthy Sugar-Cookie Cookie Dough

  1. Healthy and delicious! This is drool-worthy…

  2. Did you do the blood test for food intolerance?
    I had it done a while back and then did some research on it – it turns out that the test isn’t necessarily accurate.

    It’s a very long article…
    But, what I can say in short is what one of my doctor’s told me: That if a test shows that you are intolerant to a certain food – eliminate it for a while (if you wish) and then try it in a couple of months to see how you feel.

    Anyways – just wanted to share that with you!

    Great blog, by the way 🙂 It’s very cute and lots of great recipes!


    • Jessica | Desserts With Benefits

      SG- Yes, I got blood taken a while back and it took about a month for the results to come back (the test was for over 150 foods/spices). I really wish the test was inaccurate, because it said I’m highly sensitive to a lot of my favorite foods… but I believe in my case, it was accurate because about 95% of my symptoms from before are gone. But, I think I will try out the foods again some day, I really miss bagels, eggs, yogurt and whey protein powder!!

      Thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate it. I now have some hope for the future!


  3. This is a great recipe! I too am extremely health conscience and love to create delicious.. But healthy indulgences.. 🙂 I am looking into becoming a nutritionist or dietician but have found that it is extremny difficult to find colleges with majors specifically in nutrition… Do you know any good colleges

    • Jessica | Desserts With Benefits

      Anonymous, you’re in luck because there are plenty of schools out there with specific nutrition majors! I think this website would be of help to you:
      Just enter “nutrition sciences” in the Majors & Learning Environment tab, and select the “must have” option (my school is in there! 😀 )
      Hope this helped,

  4. Sorry to here that you are intolerant to gluten! I only have a few gluten-free recipes on my blog, but there are so many really good ones out there! This looks like a great recipe though, and I’m sure you will come up with some very creative (and tasty) solutions in the meantime. Good luck!

  5. What exactly is butter extract / do you think it can be substituted with something or not added?

    P.S. amazing photos!

  6. What is your favorite cookie dough recipe?

    • Lol thanks!!! I will try that one first then 😀 I was being indecisive so your opinion made me make my mind up.

    • Jessica | Desserts With Benefits

      Oh no, you’re putting me on the spot D:

      So even though I love ALL of them (haha, of course right?), the PB Butterscotch one is my ABSOLUTE favorite so far. I think I’ve made it four times already… I don’t know if that’s embarrassing to admit, but it’s true!

      The sugar-cookie one is def good too though (oh, that darned butter extract)

  7. Is there anything that you can substitute for the protein powder in your recipes? I know you mentioned powdered/ dried nonfat milk before, does that work in all cases?

    • Yes, you can probably use dried milk instead however I have not tried it, so just add enough to make a cookie dough texture. You might also want to add more vanilla paste/extract to 1-1.5 teaspoons and more stevia to about 1 teaspoon. Hope this works for you!

  8. Basically all your cookie dough recipes look amazing and I’m wanting to try them out. I was just wondering, would it be possible to bake them as well?

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