Reduced Fat Nanaimo Bars
Happy Canada Day, eh!
As a true, born-and-raised Canadian I thought I would make a classic dessert from the country currently above me here in the US.  It might not have maple syrup in it, but it sure is Canadian  ;)
Reduced Fat Nanaimo Bars
We call this dessert, “Nanaimo Bars!”  Strange name, right?  Well, it might ring a bell because this isn’t the first time I’ve made it…  I made Nanaimo Bars last February but I decided to revisit my recipe.  Even though my bars were absolutely friggin delicious and were gobbled up in less than five seconds minutes flat, I got some flak from a commenter saying, “Nanaimo Bars they are not.”
*sad face*
Reduced Fat Nanaimo Bars
But I totally agreed with him, the “crust” was a no-bake base made of not-so-authentic ingredients (like coconut butter, coconut milk, chocolate and oats).  At the time I hadn’t made my healthy homemade graham cracker recipe yet and didn’t want to purchase crackers from the store that were full of refined sugars, starches and processed flours.  I was also living at a high altitude so I wouldn’t be able to post a recipe that everyone could make (that means the majority of you who live at sea-level!) because baking at different altitudes has an effect on the baking temperature and measurements…  such a hassle, but that’s the science of baking for ya.  The filling in my older recipe was suuuper delicious, but it was a tad bit gooey.  Once again, not so authentic.  Oh, and then my chocolate topping layer was “too thick.”  Like that’s a crime.  Let’s sue everyone who likes a little extra chocolate on their desserts!!
Just kidding, I’m totally not mad!  If the layer of chocolate was supposed to be thinner, I will make it thinner.  But to fit in some extra chocolate (because that’s what every chocoholic thinks about doing to their food) I would just eat the Nanaimo Bar with a glass of chocolate almond milk  ;D
Reduced Fat Nanaimo Bars
Focus on the good things in life and make these Nanaimo Bars — a soft graham cracker crust infused with chocolate and coconut, a filling with a sweet vanilla flavor and a topping of rich dark chocolate — Because a decadent (yet healthy) dessert is what turns an “OK” day into a “holy-crap-freakin’-AMAZING” day.

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Jun 11

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