Healthy Cake Batter Dip

Healthy Cake Batter Dip (sugar free, low fat, high protein, gluten free) - Desserts with Benefits

This Cake Batter Dip tastes exactly like a slice of cake, just in dip form!  It is smooth and creamy, sweet and buttery, and rich and flavorful…  you would never guess that it’s healthy, all natural and actually good for you.

This Healthy Cake Batter Dip pairs perfectly with fresh strawberries, animal crackers and graham crackers.  You can totally use a spoon too, though  😉

Healthy Cake Batter Dip - Healthy Dessert Recipes Blog

Healthy Cake Batter Dip - Healthy Dessert Recipes Blog

Healthy Cake Batter Dip - Healthy Dessert Recipes Blog

Healthy Cake Batter Dip - Healthy Dessert Recipes Blog

Clearly I took the spoon route.  Later I dunked some fresh strawberries in here (SO. DELICIOUS.)

I could eat this Cake Batter Dip all day, seriously.  I’d take a bowl of this dip over a bowl of dessert oatmeal, a bowl of cereal…  heck, I’d choose this dip over a bowl of CANDY.  You know me, I love sweets, so for me to choose this dip over candy like Hershey’s and Snickers, you know this has gotta be good!

Healthy Cake Batter Frosting Dip

5 minutes

3 minutes

Yield: 2+2/3 cups

Serving Size: 1/2 cup



  1. In a blender or food processor, add the cottage cheese, extracts and milk. Puree until smooth.
  2. Add the oat flour and blend until smooth.
  3. Give it a taste and add more stevia or a pinch of salt if you like.
  4. Scoop into serving bowls and serve with fruit, crackers or spoons!


This recipe is: no bake, eggless, gluten free, sugar free, low fat, high protein!

This recipe is so much better than all of the other cake batter dip recipes online because this one doesn’t use boxed cake mixes, which are full of sugar, bleached flour and trans fats.  I can’t believe some people call their dips “healthy” when they use boxed cake mix as an ingredient!

Tsk tsk *shakes head*

Healthy Cake Batter Dip - Healthy Dessert Recipes Blog

This is the first version I made using Greek yogurt. It was too tangy for me and just didn’t taste right. While I absolutely DESPISE cottage cheese, it ended up being the best ingredient for this dip!

I really need to show you the nutrition label for this recipe, it’s AMAZING.  I was totally shocked and had to compare it to a typical Cake Batter Dip recipe.  I found about a bazillion recipes all over the web but all of them are the same:  1 box of Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix, 1 pound of yogurt, 8oz of Cool Whip and rainbow sprinkles.  I could list off about fifty things wrong with those ingredients but I won’t bore you with that, I’ll just show you the differences between my healthy recipe and the unhealthy recipe.

A typical Cake Batter Dip nutrition label is on the left, the Desserts with Benefits label is on the right:

Healthy Cake Batter Dip - Healthy Dessert Recipes Blog  Healthy Cake Batter Dip - Healthy Dessert Recipes Blog

Daaaayyyyuum!!  The difference is crazy.  My recipe’s nutrition label is nutritionally balanced with healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, no added sugar and a substantial amount of protein.  Not to mention, my recipe is modest in calories!  On the other hand, the unhealthy recipe is high calorie, high fat (and high saturated fat too) and high sugar (nearly 3 tablespoons worth of sugar).  To make matters worse, it also contains harmful trans fats.  Um, no thanks, I’d rather not eat that dip because I’d like to avoid getting a stroke, heart attack, type II diabetes, etc…

Healthy Cake Batter Dip (sugar free, low fat, high protein, gluten free) - Desserts with Benefits

To be honest, I’ve made this Healthy Cake Batter Dip four times in the last few weeks.  I bet you will too, it’s just that good.  I mean, why take all the time to preheat the oven, mix a batter and stand there staring at the oven for 30 minutes when you can make THIS??  I don’t have time for that, final exams are just a couple days away.  AHHH!

You gotta try this recipe out.  This super easy dip requires only six ingredients and takes just a few minutes to put together.  You will be digging in in no time, so quick, grab a spoon!

21 comments on “Healthy Cake Batter Dip

  1. This looks so good! I agree with you about how those other dips are “healthy” but use cake mix, yuck! Love all your recipes and hope you go check out my blog where I also post healthy recipes and fitness tips. Looking forward to trying this- YUM!

  2. This looks delicious! This may be worth a trek through the snow to the grocery store for some cottage cheese (all I have is vanilla yogurt and vanilla greek yogurt and I read your comment on the yogurt version :/). Thanks for a HEALTHY cake batter recipe that have 800% LESS sugar than the box mix recipe!

  3. I made this and it was fabulous. I never would have guessed cottage cheese was in it if I didn’t already know. I’m thinking of a cinnamon bun frosting version next time…

  4. Your recipe looks so delicious made me drool a bit lol.


  5. Ummmm… yeah, I’ll be going down the spoon route. But seriously, this looks amazing. I made healthy cream cheese frosting with cottage cheese once, and it turned out great, but this takes things to a whole new level.

  6. What can you use instead of stevia?

    • Latoya-
      It’s going to be difficult to replace the stevia because 2 tsp of stevia extract has the sweetness of 2 cups of sugar… but you can try replacing it with Stevia in the Raw, which is easier to find in grocery stores. I would add 1+1/4 cups at first, give it a taste, and add more if you feel like it needs it. Stevia in the Raw says it’s just as sweet as sugar if it’s measured cup for cup, but I find it slightly sweeter, which isn’t a bad thing I guess! 😉
      The stevia extract I linked to in the recipe is for 2 giant bottles, which last FOREVER… I know they seem expensive, but buying a larger quantity is more cost effective than buying smaller bottles (cheaper by the ounce). If the price is what turned you off, there is a smaller bottle available here:
      This size will also last quite a while because stevia’s sweetness is very potent.
      Hope you like the recipe!

  7. Thank you, its more of a pregnancy issue and the “unknowns” of artificial sweetners. boo!

  8. I just found this blog, and therefore haven’t made anything yet. However, I am imagining that ricotta or mascarpone cheese, or a blend of the two, would probably be even better than cottage cheese. Ricotta would give it more of a cake-flavored cannoli cream feel, and it would be better to eat with a spoon. Not that I’ve ever eaten cannoli cream with a spoon or anything…

    • Shea, you are most definitely a dessert GENIUS. Ricotta sounds awesome, especially since it’s more on the sweet side (you got my mouth watering at cake… and cannoli…)
      If replacing the cottage cheese for ricotta, I would suggest reducing the amount of stevia to 1 tsp. Give it a taste and if it needs more sweetness then add a little bit more.
      Wow, gotta try that soon 🙂

  9. Hi Jess!!!
    I can’t get the butter extract, What can I use instead of it?… I thought in ghee!!!

    • Edna-
      That’s okay! You can use a little extra vanilla paste instead — about 2 tsp total. And, if you like almond extract feel free to add 1/2 tsp to the recipe 🙂
      I doubt that the ghee will add that much flavor, but if you want to try it out, I would recommend about 2-3 tbs. Melt it and add it along with the milk while you’re blending the dip so it doesn’t solidify.
      I hope you like the dip!!

  10. This looks soooooo good! Totes trying it!

  11. This is such a fun and yummy treat! Thanks for this super easy and unique recipe!

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