Recipe Wishlist

Here are some recipes that I desperately want to healthify, along with the recipes that I have already healthified:

1.  Pound Cake

Healthy Pound Cake  Citrus Pound Cake

Healthy Pound Cake  Vanilla Bean Pound Cake

2.  Jelly Bars

Healthy Jelly Bars  Gluten-Free No-Bake Jelly Bars

3.  Key Lime Pie

Healthy Key Lime Pie  Key Lime Pie

4.  Chocolate Tart

Healthy Chocolate Tart  Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Peppermint Tart

Healthy Chocolate Tart  Gluten-Free Quintuple Chocolate Dark Chocolate Truffle Tart

5.  Nanaimo Bars

Healthy Nanaimo Bars  Gluten-Free Nanaimo Bars

healthy nanaimo bars  Vegan and Gluten-Free Nanaimo Bars

6.  Fudgy Brownies

Healthy Brownies  Vegan and Gluten-Free Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

Healthy Brownies  Gluten-Free Cocoa Brownies

7.  Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies  Thin & Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookies

8. Cinnamon Rolls

wishlist cinnamon2  Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls [two ways]

healthy dessert recipes at Desserts with Benefits  Low Carb & Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

9.  Angel Food Cake

Healthy Angel Food Cake  Gluten-Free Angel Food Cake

10.  Samoas

Healthy Girl Scouts Samoas  Gluten-Free Samoas

11. Yellow Cake

Healthy Dessert Blog  Gluten-Free Yellow Cake

12. Creme Brulee

Homemade Creme Brulee  Creme Brulee

13. Lemon Curd

Homemade Lemon Curd  Lemon Curd

14. Lemon Bars

healthy lemon squares  Low-Carb and Gluten-Free Lemon Bars

15. Snickerdoodles

healthy snickerdoodles - healthy dessert blog  Gluten-Free Snickerdoodles

16.  Gingersnaps

healthy gingersnaps recipe  Gluten-Free Gingersnaps

17.  Crescents

Healthy Homemade Low Carb and Gluten Free Crescents  Low-Carb and Gluten-Free Crescent Rolls

18.  Lemon Meringue Pie

lemon meringue pie

19. German Chocolate Cake

german chocolate cake

20. Candy Apples

21. Macarons


22.  Red Velvet “Cinnamon” Roll Hearts

red velvet

23.  Coconut Cream Pie

24. Banana Cream Pie

banana cream pie

25.  Boston Cream Pie

boston cream pie

26.  Molten Lava Cake

molten lava cake

27.  Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake

28.  Speculoos Cookie Butter

Cookie Butter

29.  Roll-Out Sugar Cookies

Roll Out Sugar Cookies

30.  Vanilla Wafer Cookies

Vanilla Wafer Cookies

31.  Cannoli Shells

Cannoli Shells

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Comments (75)

  1. Sara: February 9, 2013

    I just came across your blog- I am obsessed! As a university student myself (and attempting to be health conscious), this is a new go-to place. Thanks so much for the great recipes. As for your wish-list, try greek yogurt! There are a few recipes circulating the blog world with this, but I’m sure you can tweak your own and make it wonderful.
    Cheers, Sara

  2. Marina: February 9, 2013

    In a recipe preview you talked about reeses cups, but i can’t find it :( is it still “in the making”? I’m so excited thank you still for all those awesome recipes!

  3. Marina- yes, they are still in the making, the filling just needs to be tweaked a little. I’ll be sure to make those soon 😉

  4. Anonymous: February 9, 2013

    Hi Jessica: Can you contact me at I would love to share your recipe for coconut mousse bars on my website. I couldnt find your direct email so Im posting my request here. Thanks!

  5. Wow, thanks! I checked out your website, it’s beautiful :) You can definitely share my recipe on your site. I appreciate your interest.

  6. Kathy: February 9, 2013

    How about a Healthy Chocolate Croissant?

  7. That is a great idea! Definitely a challenge though (lots of butter, refined flour and cream)… it deserves a spot on the list! :)

  8. Bridget: February 9, 2013

    Can’t wait for the healthy cinnamon rolls! I recently made a “healthy” version for my boyfriend and they were more like a sweet biscuit with butter sauce :/

  9. Bridget-
    I’ll make the cinnamon rolls a priority on my to-bake list :) And I’m sure your boyfriend loved what you made, cinnamon roll OR biscuit! I mean, food is food to a guy 😉

  10. Bridget: February 9, 2013

    Awesome. Haha so true!

  11. Anonymous: February 9, 2013

    How about a healthy coconut creme pie?

  12. Mmmm delicious, what a great addition! That has actually been on my personal wishlist for some time now, I’ve just never been successful at it :( Hopefully I will soon, though!

  13. Anonymous: February 9, 2013

    I vaguely recall you saying that you wanted to make fruit curd healthy. I saw a website that has a vegan recipe and maybe you can use that as a starting point?

  14. Thank you so much, that recipe looks like a winner! Now I can finally make lemon curd and maybe even a lemon meringue pie? Who knows… 😉

  15. Emily von Euw: February 9, 2013

    Hey there!
    Check out my healthy coconut cream pie recipe here: Maybe it’ll give you ideas? Can’t to see when you make yours! I love your blog.

  16. Anonymous: February 9, 2013
  17. Wow those look great! I love the use of coconut oil instead of butter, but I would still have to try and make them whole grain. I’ll definitely try these out, hopefully soon, thanks :)

  18. Amelia: February 9, 2013

    Can you please try to make a healthy high protein fondant!!!!!!!!

  19. Hi Amelia,
    I’ve made a few different protein fondants (vanilla, reduced fat vanilla and mint… so far…).
    All can be found in the “Recipes” section :)

  20. Mila: February 9, 2013

    I tried whole grain croissants at D’Azeglio, *the* breakfast place in Bologna, so can testify it’s doable and tastes heavenly!

  21. Mila: February 9, 2013

    These are a different texture from conventional cinnamon rolls but meet your nutrition criteria.. maybe you could play around with the recipe?

  22. Mila-
    That recipe sounds awesome, and I love how it’s yeast-free since I’m allergic. I need to make those ASAP! That site looks awesome too btw. Thanks Mila! :)

  23. Anonymous: February 9, 2013

    Please do a protein pancake or waffle recipe!! Any and all flavors! Love your recipes!!

  24. Alison Keen: February 9, 2013

    I love all your recipes and I can’t wait to try them all.could you please try a chocolate toffee recipe :)

  25. Uh oh, toffee sounds hard D: I bet I can do it though, thanks for the request!

  26. Melissa: February 9, 2013

    I can completely relate to your sweets addiction! When I was younger, I loved to eat store bought cupcakes and cakes with buttercream at least once a day. Now, I can’t do that without gaining lbs, but I still have my sweet tooth :( I recently started eating ‘clean’ and eliminated refined sugars and only consume organic desserts and sugars. Therefore, I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG :) I can’t wait to try some recipes to satisfy the sweet tooth that I still have! (although now its more controlled) My weakness are COOKIES. Have you tried making a sugar cookie recipe or a lemon sugar cookie recipe? What about plain/traditional chocolate chip cookies?
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes!

  27. Thanks Melissa!
    You are like my long lost sister, I used to eat cookies, cakes and frosting ALLLL the time… and still can 😉 I’ve made chocolate chip cookies numerous times but I was never 100% satisfied with the results. It’s either too dry or too poofy or the flavor isn’t quite right. I could easily solve most of the problems by adding more oil but I want the recipe to be moderate in fat, unlike the storebought kinds that are 90% butter :/ You will laugh, but I attempted shortbread cookies once and it tasted like cornbread. How? I don’t know, but once I find the right recipe, I will post it ASAP!

  28. Melissa: February 9, 2013

    Sounds good! Thanks for the references :) I plan on making some of your recipes tomorrow, can’t wait!

  29. Chowvida: February 10, 2013

    I just recently healthified cinnamon rolls!! (I plan on healthifying them even more soon… but start slow, right?) I used sweet potato in the dough, which made them super fluffy and gooey and delicious.
    Also, I recently healthified creme brulee! :) Super yum.

  30. Thanks for pointing me toward the recipe, and I CANNOT wait for the creme brulee recipe! I’ve never been a fan of it but my entire family begs me to make creme brulee just about every other month 😉

  31. Anne: February 10, 2013

    Hi, i seriously love all your recipes. I was wondering if you could do a banoffee healthy? I don’t know if you heard about the ”Gü’Desserts” They’re absolutely delicious, but when i look the nutrition facts, well this is not very healthy… Thank you, have a great day!

  32. Thanks Anne!
    I’ve never had Banoffee Pie but from what I see online, it looks amaaazing!! I’ll try to make it soon and if the results are good enough I’ll post the recipe :)

  33. Mila: February 10, 2013

    No worries :) Here’s another version, btw, same site:

  34. Anonymous: February 10, 2013

    Wow I’d love cinnamon rolls healthified lol~

  35. Diane: February 10, 2013

    Baked Shortbread Protein bars with a real dense consistency, seems like it would be right up your alley.

  36. Mmm that sounds delicious!

  37. fittestyou: February 27, 2013

    I am in love with your blog! I mean… really!

  38. David: March 20, 2013

    Ever try for a healthy version of the Girl Scouts’ Thin Mint cookies? I could use a healthy recipe because I can eat them by the sleeve sometimes.

  39. dessertswithbenefits: March 20, 2013

    Trust me, I know what you mean! I haven’t made Thin Mints yet, but I have made Oreos (I’m posting the recipe on Saturday!). You can just make the cookies without the cream filling/frosting and coat the cookies in 3-4oz dark chocolate with about 1 tsp of peppermint oil.

  40. Everette: March 30, 2013

    Hey! I LOVE your blog-so creative! I want to try ALL your recipes. Have you ever thought about health-ifying a cobbler or crisp recipe?? It would be a yummy spring/summertime treat!

  41. dessertswithbenefits: April 2, 2013

    Hi Everette! I actually tried making a cobbler last summer but I overbaked it and the top turned rock hard and was impossible to break through! It was kind of horrible haha, but I will definitely give it another try soon. Thanks for your input :)

  42. april: April 22, 2013

    If you could recreate this: you would be my hero! It is soooo good!

  43. Jessica: April 29, 2013

    Hi Jessica! I just wanted to congratulate you on all your hard work and beautiful results! I’m so grateful that your posts are almost daily, every day I look forward to reading one! And I love the photos, they come out incredible :) Oh, and you can tick macarons from your wishlist 😉

  44. Jessica | Desserts with Benefits: April 30, 2013

    Aw thanks so much Jessica!

  45. Ashley: June 15, 2013

    Hey Jessica! I LOVE your blog! I’ve made so many recipes off of it and none of them have ever failed to satisfy! Thank you so much!!! One item I would love to health-ify would be chocolate eclairs! I just don’t know how with the custard filling being made up of butter, eggs, and sugar in the standard recipe. :( Also, could the pumpkin and maple mousse pudding be used as filling for pumpkin pie? Do you think it would hold up in the oven? Thanks girl and keep doing what you’re doing!

  46. Ashley: June 21, 2013

    Oooh…and what about healthy freezer pops or healthy oreo-flavored cookie dough? OOOH! Or healthy oreo-flavored cookie dough freezer pops?!? lol. Now I’m dreaming… :)

  47. april: July 1, 2013

    Another recipe I’d love for you to healthy-ify would be gold bars! The original recipes: or

  48. Kelly: July 14, 2013

    I love your recipes!. Can you make a low carb/sugar free or very low sugar version of candied yams with marshmallows recipe and a totally naturally sugar free jello recipe, Most naturally sugar free jello recipes still have a lot of natural sugar in it like – fruit or juice. I was thinking of putting in a Stevia or Xylitol drink in place of the fruit or juice – any ideas?.

  49. dessertswithbenefits: July 18, 2013

    Kelly- I have always wanted to make a sugar free jello, kind of like the storebought stuff but without the artificial colors/flavors. I currently use Simply Delish brand and I’m happy with it. I don’t think it’s high in sugar at all, maybe that will be a good choice for you?

  50. Kim: August 7, 2013

    Not sure if you are still located in Calgary, but Cucina on 8th Ave and 5th Street has an excellent lemon loaf… the lemon-y-est I’ve ever had! Would be amazing if it could be made healthy!

  51. dessertswithbenefits: August 11, 2013

    Thanks so much for thinking about me :)
    Too bad I’m not in Calgary anymore by if I visit I will definitely check out that restaurant!

  52. Tamara: December 2, 2013





  53. Carmen: January 2, 2014

    Hello Jessica!

    Just recently discovered your page! Please add peach pie to your wish list! :) I’ve been trying to find a healthy peach pie and no such luck so far.

    Thank you for all your amazing recipes!

  54. Marcia lee: January 3, 2014

    Awesome website! Just found DWB — love it! Would you consider redesigning the “Atkins” chocolate shakes? While they are pretty healthy options, they are expensive! They are some of the best lo-carb protein drinks around to satisfy a chocolate milkshake craving.

    Thank you for your amazing recipes!

  55. dessertswithbenefits: January 6, 2014

    Marcia Lee-
    Ooo good idea, I loooove chocolate shakes!! I’ve made a Healthy Homemade Chocolate Muscle Milk before, but it isn’t really thick like a milkshake or anything. I’ll try to make another one like it soon :)

  56. Kelly Soucy: April 10, 2014

    Hi Jessica, Our 5 year old grandson is currently undergoing treatment for stage 4 neuroblastoma ( Cancer) and we are looking for great recipes sugar free ( cancer loves sugar) and low in polymines. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. You can find out more about Camden at Cameden’s

  57. IT: May 10, 2014

    I DESPERATELY want you to make a version of healthy homemade protein bars made with whey insptead of vegan protein! You need to try and make quest bars!!! PLEASE!

  58. dessertswithbenefits: May 10, 2014

    YOU BET!!
    I’ve tried sooo many times to make a whey protein bar (without using honey/maple syrup/agave) and every batch was a complete fail. Kinda wiped out my confidence, but I’ll definitely give it another go once this semester is over! Quest bars are so famous now, and delicious… I seriously need to make a homemade version.
    Thanks so much for the idea!! 😀

  59. Dora: July 22, 2014

    Could you help me make a healthy pineapple upside down cake. That is my whole family’s favorite. We have not had it in nearly 17 years. We are all diabetic. And I would love to surprise them at Christmas. I have made a lot of your desserts, we love them all. Thank you so very much for doing what you do for people like us.

  60. dessertswithbenefits: July 23, 2014

    Sure! I’ll try to make a healthy pineapple upside down cake as soon as I can! It might take a few trials to perfect, because I’ve never made fruit-on-the-bottom cake before :)
    I’m so glad you liked my recipes! Hopefully I can break that 17 year cake-fast for ya!!

  61. Chelsea: September 6, 2014

    Hey Jessica, so I’ll tell you the story in case you might care and enjoy the humorous complexity as I did. I got a free subscription to SELF magazine, they posted a drop10 campaign which I signed up for, for the exercises and recipes they’d send out. They included your red velvet cheesecake ice cream recipe so I clicked on it. I have a gelato maker, but red velvet is one of my favorite things and sugar free??? and it’s delicious??? impossible. I don’t have any food allergies thankfully but my bf is lactose intolerant so I’ve learned to get creative when cooking for us so any lactose free recipes like ice cream I gravitate to. As I was reading I saw it had Vanilla Paste which was a link so I clicked on it bc I said “what the heck is vanilla paste?” and that led me to your homemade vanilla extract… so easy!! I do have genetically high cholesterol so I’ve had to get that checked wih my thyroid twice a year and I have to keep my triglycerides under control aka sugar. I had no idea some of these substitutions existed so I’ve just gone without until I can’t take it anymore (peanut butter oreos). I am very excited to see what happens next.

    Since the website scavenger hunt I went on I have compiled a list of recipes I want to try bc sugar is my diet downfall and I too love desserts and really anything else delicious I can cram in my facehole. My order of vanila stevia extract, peanut flour, butter emulsion (again… this exists?? lol) erythritol (awesome in my coffee vs stevia/splenda btw)and I am excited to get to the store today for the last few things I need to try your fudgy brownies and either the pretzels or the monkey bread 2 things I used to make w/ my dad growing up.

    I do have a request though. No Bake Cookies! I was thinking the peanut flour plus cocoa, oatmeal, real peanut butter, stevia and/or erythritol. I’m just not sure of the texture or if your homemade nutella spread (which I’m also making and excited about).

    Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for taking on the task of making our most indulgent and sinful recipes healthy and delicious!

  62. dessertswithbenefits: September 8, 2014

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with me, Chelsea! And thanks for letting me know Self shared my recipe, I had no idea :)
    I’m glad you are taking control of your health, get regular medical check ups, and are deciding to make healthier choices. Dessert was definitely my “downfall” before too, that is, until I discovered how to cook and bake healthy :)
    My recipes might be healthy, but they’re still delicious. I shove chocolate cake into my pie hole regularly 😉
    (By the way, your online order sounds just like mine!)
    I will try my best to make No-Bake Cookies… GENIUS idea with the peanut flour. I have a feeling I can make this soon because it’s still pretty hot here in Arizona and I don’t want to use my oven just yet.
    Thanks again for sharing your story and letting me know what recipes you’re thinking of (I vote MONKEY BREAD! My favvvv)

  63. Stephanie K: November 13, 2014

    Hi there! (I feel like I am always commenting, but I just loooooooove your blog! hehe) I had a possible recipe suggestion. For the holidays, my dad and I love to make and eat fruit cake. I’ve searched high and low for a healthy recipe, but I just cannot find anything worth making. Soooo I thought I’d just drop it by here, because I’m sure anything you came up with would be delicious! :)

  64. Stephanie K-
    No worries, I LOVE getting comments! And I’m so glad you like my blog 😀
    Thanks for the Fruit Cake suggestion, I never would’ve thought to make that. I’ve actually never tasted a real fruit cake either.
    I did watch an Iron Chef America competition last winter that used Alton Brown’s fruit cake as the secret ingredient… it looked really darn good. I heard it’s an acquired taste.
    I’ll still add it to the wishlist right now! :)

  65. Paty: January 13, 2015

    Hi Jessica! :) I’m on a diet, but lately i especially crave marshmallow fluff/cream. Can you make this (if possible not high in calories)?. I must say I love those Hostess cupcakes with marshmallow fluff, OMG! :) I hope you’ll make healthier version of it someday..

    I love your helthy but great recipes! Keep up the good work! ;), now I believe in eating desserts without guilt :*

  66. Paty-
    I haven’t posted an entire post just for Marshmallow Fluff, but I did make some to top my Healthy S’mores Pie!
    I’ll try and work on a lower calorie version, but for now I hope this will do :)
    I hope you like the recipe Paty!

  67. vanessa: January 19, 2015

    I love your website! I have found so many amazing recipes! It’s one of the reasons I’m becoming a nutritionist! Do you think you could come up with Truffles?

  68. Vanessa-
    Awww thank you so much!! Don’t you just LOVE the nutritional science field? It’s so great being able to take charge of your own health and even the health of those around you :)
    I made a Chocolate Fudge Truffle recipe not too long ago — I hope you like it!

  69. Damita Roberts: February 26, 2015

    Would really love to see a recipe for Vanilla Wafer Cookies. =) Then I could eat them with the batter recipes.

  70. Damita Roberts-
    I’ll definitely add that to my list! I’ve secretly been wanting to make vanilla wafers for Banana Cream Pie! :)

  71. Anoushé: May 21, 2015

    I absolutely cannot wait for the lemon meringue, which is my personal favourite, and the chocolate molten lava 😀 you are amazing! and congratulations on graduating!!

  72. Anoushé-
    I’m gonna try my hardest on that recipe then! It’s my dad’s favorite too. Sadly, every batch I’ve made never works out grrrr :(
    Thank you so much! Sooo glad I’m done with school 😀

  73. Beth Ferguson: June 22, 2015

    LOVE your blog. I am a figure competitor so my diet can be rather restrictive and your sweet treats really help me make my food life much more interesting. Recently I have tested positive for several food sensitivities. They include wheat, yeast, gluten, buckwheat, eggs, and brown rice. I was wondering if I could substitute coconut flour or quinoa flour for buckwheat flour in any of your pancake and waffle recipes. I have been eating some of your quinoa based recipes and would welcome a little more variety.

    Congratulations on your recent graduation. Good luck with the next chapter of your life.

  74. Beth Ferguson-
    Thank you SO MUCH Beth! You are so so kind! I’m glad my healthy desserts keep your life happy and healthy 😀
    I’m sorry to hear about your new food sensitivities. Coconut flour is one ingredient that is impossible to replace. It absorbs a ton of liquid, and has a very specific flavor and texture. Buckwheat flour can be replaced with quinoa flour, or a mixture of sorghum flour and oat flour.
    I hope this helps Beth! I wish you the best with your competitions! 😀

  75. Beth Ferguson: June 23, 2015

    Thanks so much for the tip. Looks like I will be using lots of quinoa flour for a while.

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